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    Relatively fun episode, Hazard was basically the Scarlet Witch imo.

There are similarities, but Jegatonustice League foe Amos Fortune was the precursor to the Scarlet Witch for being able to manipulate luck. Hazard is an interesting choice to introduce into the show given The Thinker, and if the rumours to Per Degaton's being an upcoming villain turn out to be true, both these characters were well regarded foes of the Golden-Age Flash and Justice Society, and Hazard was a character who was the grandaughter to old Golden-Age Green Lantern foe The Gambler. She first appears in Infinity Inc and can influence luck, somehow this is tied into the dice she constantly plays with in her hand.
The producers and writers certainly know their comics lore. \(yes\)

I am surprised though that between The Flash and Legends we have never picked up on Doctor Light, she was one of the stand-out successes of series 2 and deserves further attention.