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The Thinker studies the new metas.

It turns out that when Barry was released from the SF, a nearby busload of people were hit by some Dark Matter that came out of the SF with him.

One of them used to be jynxed and have all sorts of bad luck happen to her, now she makes bad luck happen to others. Including making the Flash slip on a spilled barrel of marbles.

Wells2 returns, and gives a dysfunctional break up cube to Wally which contained a break up message from Jesse, basically she dumps him.

Joe gets some persuasion to sell the family home.

Barry gets to see Iris' wedding dress.

Wells2 and Cisco resume their bickering ways

Wells2, Cisco and Barry find the street corner where the SF portal opened when Barry returned.

Wells2 blames Cisco for allegedly not consulting him before opening the SF portal, Wells2 warned him to not use his calculations without consulting him and storms out.

Joe's house springs a few plumbing leaks.....

Barry confronts Becky the Meta at Jitters in an effort to talk to her peacefully.

There is some tech still in Barry's suit. Guess we just can't get rid o the Stark influence. ;\)

Cisco names her Hazard

Iris gets Barry to a church for a quick impromptu marriage, but the plan goes awry to some apparent bad luck.

Team Flash thinks they are curse, Barry disagrees.

Wells2 reveals he assembled a support team for Jesse then gets kicked off the team because he was too bossy and now has no home to go to. Cisco thinks her team should be Jesse and the Quicksters \:\) Also Wells2 may be a bit overexagggerating when he says he can't go home.

Hazard's powers begin to expand and affects the city instead of a localized area. Apparently the more good luck she experiences, the equal/opposite reaction occurs and she is winning in a casino thus creating a massive bad luck wave.

The particle accelerator is activated by the bad luck wave and they can't disarm it. Wells2 realizes they should let it go off and its affect neutralizes the bad luck wave at least temporarily. Flash then gets free and captures Hazard.

Cisco convinces Wells2 to stay and make a life for himself. let us remember that on Earth 1, Harrison Wells is wanted for the murder of Nora Allen......

Team Flash determines there were 12 on the bus.

Wally reveals he went to Earth 2 to talk to Jesse. he returns and tells them he is going to Blue Valley for awhile. Barry wishes him well. Wally assures Joe that if he needs him he will come a running.

Wells2 speculates that the one that sent the Samurai robot is playing a long game and that the mystery person WANTED the metas to be created.

Also the Samurai robot head is in the lab of Team Flash and is used to spy on them....

Joe tells Cecile she was right to urge him to sell the house. However she pulls a 180 on him and tells him they should keep the house as she has had a change of heart and wants to stay in the house.......as it is where Joe raised his kids.........and she has just learned that she is pregnant! Joe has the very understandable reaction of totally freezing up in surprise. He starts to react as the credits roll.





Relatively fun episode, Hazard was basically the Scarlet Witch imo.

Still.....I cannot shake this overall feeling of apathy I'm having towards sci-fi/fiction/super heroes in general.

I've already turned in my Star Wars geek card and long ago walked away from Star Trek. The walking Dead is a big snooze to me now and it is quite likely that I will walk away from Doctor Who either after the impending holiday episode or perhaps a few stories into the era of Doc 13, and no it is not due to the impending change to the Doctor.

Even the impending MCU movies aren't really revving my engines.

I know life brings changes, but this one really feels both out of place and out of left field.

I thought it was a good episode.

It was entertaining and funny. Sure there are lots of nits to pick, but overall enjoyable.

I like luck powers and I thought they handled it really well in this episode. Not only did the team have bad luck when Hazard was around, they just had bad luck overall.

Harry is back! The first scene with the Break-up cube was so funny.

"What did the message say?"
"I don't remember"
"But I thought you had perfect recall?"

So we know there is a whole bus load of new metas. Cool! I like that we are back to focusing on villains of the week.

I hope they do an episode where we see team Jesse. It's so funny that Harry recruited the team but then they voted him out.

Kid Flash moves on. This was needed the cast often feels a bit too large. I hope they check in with him in half a season or so and find that he has "found his place in the world." He's a nice guy, he deserves to be happy.

I agree I'm not happy that they are giving Joe another kid, if for no other reason than that means we are stuck with the actress that is playing his girlfriend for the rest of the series and she doesn't really do anything for me, and her character doesn't seem to add anything to the series.


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