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Subj: Re: Never mind new abilities.
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Reply Subj: Never mind new abilities.
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In episode two, he throws a lightning bolt, and he's fast enough to overtake that lightning and get in it's way.

He can go faster than light now.

Why is no one talking about this?

You do know that Lightning is not as fast as light right? But regardless, I already knew Barry was at least as fast as light. He time travels, opens portals, etc. All of that takes lightspeed and not this "Mach 4 top speed" Team Flash is trying to have us believe. I mean, there's plenty of evidence for it. To name just one example: Barry would have to be literally faster than light to close that singularity in the season 2 opening episode because light cannot escape a black hole. If his top speed was anything less than light, there's no way he would have been able to save Central City from that singularity.

Sorry, but Barry's been this fast for a while now. The writers just have been very, very inconsistent with his speed. They say he's only Mach 4 (Season 3). But now Barry is faster now, since he's spent 6 months in the Speed Force. But then they have him do things that are way faster than Mach 4+. Such as saving Central City from a singularity when not even light can escape from that or throwing a lightning bolt and getting hit by it OR grabbing the shrapnel of a grenade but racing across town first before saving Joe's life, time traveling, etc.

The writers really don't know how to stick to their own rules about Barry's speed.