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Subj: Re: Never mind new abilities.
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    They both stopped it. And did you see the episode? Barry was literally inside of it.

Indeed I did. Not only did I see it, I knew what the heck I was looking at.

Barry runs around inside the accretion disc. Some black holes rotate - as this one did - and any matter caught in their gravitational pull spin in the direction of rotation, closer and closer to the black hole until they're lost beyond the event horizon.

Barry HAS to get inside the accretion disc to get close to the event horizon, but that's all. Take a look at the attached frame. That extended cloudy vortex is the accretion disc, and the black sphere Barry's running around is the event horizon. At no point does he go inside it.

If he HAD, that would have been it. Game over. There is literally no way out. As I said in my earlier reply, the curvature of spacetime inside a black hole is infinite. So even if Barry could run at a thousand times the speed of light it wouldn't matter. The space he's running through is always curved towards the singularity. Whatever direction he thinks he's running in, he's always heading towards the heart of the black hole. Super speed would just get him there quicker.


      2) The only constant in the show is inconsistency.


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