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Subj: Re: Flash Nov 14th
Posted: Wed Nov 15, 2017 at 08:53:12 am EST (Viewed 578 times)
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Posted: Wed Nov 15, 2017 at 12:24:24 am EST (Viewed 653 times)

    Humorous encounter with a mugger. Barry mutters about wanting to throw a lightning bolt up Dibney.....

    Thinker and his lieutenant argue, but he assures her he will be the victor.

So like am I the only one who has zero interest in the big bad's plot this year?

Usually I'm more invested in the big bad arc of the season than the filler episodes...but this season the reverse seems to be true.

    Wells2 states they need more brain power to find Devoe. Wells2 states they need to call his friends, new friends... he goes to call them.

I wish he had somehow managed to work the word super into that conversation about his friends.

    Cisco cannot vibe the I.D.'s of the others on the bus.

    They take Ralph to Barry/Iris counselor to get hypnotized to remember who was on the bus.

    A stone statue of an animal kills someone....

    Wells2 sets up the multiverse holoprojector to contact the Harrison Wells of other Earths. Nice Lord of the Rings reference for a moment.

    So, we have the Council of Wells. A nice display of the actor's talents

    Ralph has a tendency to tell women their measurements....ever get the feeling with the current climate in Hollywood now regarding harassment that they are going to change his character a bit?

    a humorous scene of Ralph getting his prototype suit from Cisco.

I can tell Cisco doesn't like Ralph. Cisco lives for flare and that costume just didn't have any.

    The meta of the week can animate inanimate objects, seems specific to statues only

And like that suit of armor.

Man talk about a dumb power. Is this one a comic character or someone they invented? It seems really kinda racist or at least misguided.

It seems like any time a show introduces a native American character they go weird and mystical with it. I doubt they appreciate it.

    Wells2 disbands the council

    Dibney's stupidity gets a kid injured.

    Wells2 hate of the Council is his self hate, Cisco gets him to reform the Council.

Cisco giving Harrison a "love yourself" pep talk seemed icky to me. Can we get back to Cisco and Harrison busting on each other? I'm fine with them being friends but they bonded too much there. I like them better when they bicker.

That said the realization that Harrison would only want to make friends with iterations of himself was amusing. Personally I know I would hate hanging out with other versions of me...they'd be opinionated, rude, self just would not be pretty.

    A couple of Jurassic Park jokes....

    Dibney is reading a comic at the end.....I'm sure its an easter egg but I can't pinpoint it.

    The Council Wells believes they have located Devoe, Barry decides to go on the offensive and seeks to bring him in. Devoe and his Lieutenant pose as husband and wife and he greets them in a normal wheelchair like a normal looking person.

I thought the council of Wells was stupid but fun. But between Kang, Reed Richards and Rick Sanchez multiversal councils comprised of iterations of the same dude has been done to death. Hearing Tom Cavanagh speaking in an Australian accent made it worth it though.

    Okay well given that as the Thinker he is chair bound albeit in a floating arsenal, I am inclined to think that UNLIKE RF in Season 1, that this wheelchair/attack chair thing is not an act on his part....

He's handi-capable!

    ....ah who am I kidding......I just can't bring myself to care about this.

    Bring in Jason Blood/Etrigan, that might get my interest.

It seems like they're never quite poking around in that area of the DC mythology to bring in Etrigan. Their forays into magic and demons in the Arrowverse have been light at best.

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