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Subj: Re: The Flash "Don't Run" Episode *SPOILERS*
Posted: Thu Dec 07, 2017 at 08:18:23 pm GMT (Viewed 916 times)
Reply Subj: Re: The Flash "Don't Run" Episode *SPOILERS*
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      What ruined Flash...Reverse Flash killing Iris.

    It may have ruined the comic, but it would improve the TV show 10 fold! I really dislike Iris in this show and I feel genuinely sorry for Joe who had to put up with her all them years.

I disliked Iris in season 1 because:

1. I was sick of the Iris/Eddie romance

2. She seemed useless to the plot since she didn't know Barry's secret

3. I was sick of the will they/won't they thing that drug on forever. I'll go watch Cheers re-runs if I want to see that.

4. Iris's job was as a blogger. I am incapable of respecting any human being who defines themselves as a blogger.

But then to the shows credit they resolved every one of my issues with her. Eddie's dead, she knows Barry's secret, they're an item now (married even) and for a while she had a job as a legitimate journalist working for a newspaper. So to me she's fixed and I don't have much to complain about. I was probably going to be annoyed if they killed her off last season

Once Iris learned Barry's identity, started dating Barry and got a real job I liked her a lot more. She started off as one of those stock superhero girlfriends or soap opera love interest archetypes. Once she learned the truth I feel like she finally became a legitimate character and I came around to liking her.

Personally I hate that type of character she started as. The male hero's love interest that is unaware he's a hero and by virtue of his having a secret identity and her being a recurring character on a tv show the hero ends up making countless choices that affect her life that she's oblivious to. I hate stories like that...they used to do them all the time on Smallville. If you're going to have such a recurring impact on your friends, family and love interests lives you need to take them into your confidence IMO if you can trust them.

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