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Subj: Re: The Flash "Don't Run" Episode *SPOILERS*
Posted: Thu Dec 07, 2017 at 10:23:49 pm GMT (Viewed 1061 times)
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      What ruined Flash...Reverse Flash killing Iris.

    It may have ruined the comic, but it would improve the TV show 10 fold! I really dislike Iris in this show and I feel genuinely sorry for Joe who had to put up with her all them years.

I disliked Iris in season 1 because:

1. I was sick of the Iris/Eddie romance

2. She seemed useless to the plot since she didn't know Barry's secret

3. I was sick of the will they/won't they thing that drug on forever. I'll go watch Cheers re-runs if I want to see that.

4. Iris's job was as a blogger. I am incapable of respecting any human being who defines themselves as a blogger.

But then to the shows credit they resolved every one of my issues with her. Eddie's dead, she knows Barry's secret, they're an item now (married even) and for a while she had a job as a legitimate journalist working for a newspaper. So to me she's fixed and I don't have much to complain about. I was probably going to be annoyed if they killed her off last season

Once Iris learned Barry's identity, started dating Barry and got a real job I liked her a lot more. She started off as one of those stock superhero girlfriends or soap opera love interest archetypes. Once she learned the truth I feel like she finally became a legitimate character and I came around to liking her.

Personally I hate that type of character she started as. The male hero's love interest that is unaware he's a hero and by virtue of his having a secret identity and her being a recurring character on a tv show the hero ends up making countless choices that affect her life that she's oblivious to. I hate stories like that...they used to do them all the time on Smallville. If you're going to have such a recurring impact on your friends, family and love interests lives you need to take them into your confidence IMO if you can trust them.

Reverend Meteor

For me I began to finally like Iris in Season 2. In a way I feel sorry for Candice, she is given poor material to work with IMO, she does the best she can with what she's got.

Though the reasons you say you disliked Iris in season 1 are all good ones, it was a very frustrating season with the two of them. I think she improved in Season 2 and in Season 3 and I liked her in those, but now in Season 4 I can't stand her again. She's become team leader by no other reason than default really, but, she doesn't actually do anything really except tell people to do stuff they already would do anyway, she's gone back to her season 1 self really, where she has no real character except being Mrs Flash / love interest. The whole "we're the flash" is annoying too, no Iris you are not the Flash. Barry is. Imagine if Mon El when he was seeing Kara said "we're supergirl" that'd be ridiculous, so Iris saying that is equally absurd.

To me I think she's going back to the character she started as. And that's a pity.

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