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Subj: Barry needed a better Lawyer....
Posted: Fri Jan 26, 2018 at 12:48:45 am GMT (Viewed 752 times)
Reply Subj: Trial of the Flash jan 16th
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Well it is a one and done episode. The Trial of the Flash has been concluded.

The evidence is stacked against Barry. heavily.

An attempt to discredit Devoe's wife's testimony was anticipated and stopped.

Team Flash must stop a radioactive meta named Fallout from going nuclear.

Barry is found guilty and sentenced to life without parole, just like his father. He even gets the same cell his father had as written on the wall "henry allen was here"

Devoe taunts barry and reveals that he now has his host body's mind reading power as well as his super intelligence and that Barry cannot comprehend the long game that Devoe is playing.

Devoe does seem slightly taken aback in his chat with Barry at something Barry is thinking as Barry vows to beat the rap and come for Devoe

Barry also actively stops Iris from telling the court that he is the Flash. Barry refuses to out himself due to endangering Iris and his friends. (man I am sick of that tired old trope)

Also Barry appears to be in gen.-pop. in prison, not good for a now former cop.

Still, despite being in prison Barry can use his powers to keep himself safe. Also since he can phase through walls, he has his own get out of jail free card as it were so anytime a meta emerges that the rest of the Team Flash can't handle Barry will slip out of prison and be back before he is missed.

Also there is one way Barry can beat this, but he won't do it. He could always slip out of prison and do the one thing that he should not do, the one thing that Devoe may not anticipate or be able to prepare for.........Barry could do the TIME WARP AGAIN and go back a few months to the day he escaped the speed force and stop Devoe.

Or perhaps in an ironic twist the Reverse Flash will assist Barry.

So naturally, Barry didn't want to unmask to the whole city in one go, its much better to do it one person at a time like he's doing. Facetiousness aside, unmasking is not an option so...

Lets begin with the obvious, apparently, Devoe had tried to fight off Barry and hence got Barry's DNA under his fingernails. Ok, so, if that's true there would be some marks on Barry and in said marks would be traces of Devoe's DNA. Why the heck didn't the defence submit Barry to a full examination, the doctor wouldn't have found a mark on him.

Secondly, Barry is a trained CSI and has investigated MANY murders. If Barry wanted to kill somebody, he could have surely done a much better job as he'd know what mistakes other murderers made to get themselves caught. Yet, he was stood over the body.

Thirdly, speaking of stood over the body, how is it, that Barry didn't have so much as a drop of blood on him when he was arrested? Did he change his clothes after the murder? Nobody think to ask that?

Fourthly, where the heck was Devoes wheelchair? It wasn't in the loft, so how did a frail man with ALS manage such a feat of getting to the loft without it? And if Barry killed Devoe elsewhere, why would he bring the body and dump it on his rug?

I know that it was a good setup, but those to my mind are four big glaring holes. The most important being that Barry would have no signs of injury on him. I mean, fact is, you take all those things individually they just appear as little discrepancies but if you look at them all together any jury would surely think, yeah, hang on, how did Devoe get up there? Why was Barry totally clean, none of his clothes bloodied? Why was it such a sloppy crime scene considering he's an experienced CSI? And most importantly, we know from the fingernails, Devoe fought for his life, yet, Barry has no marks on him?

Seriously, I could have got Barry off. Then factor in that his wife has a "new lover" and yeah, its looking mighty fishy really.

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