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    Barry and Nora return to their present. The team gets prepared and confronts Cicida. During the battle the vial of dark matter gets destroyed. Just as Cicida is about to put a whoopin' on the team Killer Frost (KF) appears and fights Cicida off, who flees from the hospital. I don't know why everyone on the team was so amazed KF was not affected by Cicida's dagger. Before the team went off to confront Cicida I told my wife "make sure KF is available because she is not a 'meta" and should not be affected by Cicid's dagger.

Isn't she a meta? I mean she has some sort of ice serum related powers not dark matter...but still a meta right?

    Nonetheless, the episode follows Nora as she inputs her diary into Gideon. I feel this was risky because Thawne has access to Gideon. Nonetheless, after doing that Nora timejumps to 2049 and we see where she has captured and imprisoned the Wells RF. His costume looks a lot different. Do any of you know its origin? The episode concludes with Nora and Thawne agreeing they need to talk . . .

I'm officially lost on what Thawne is supposed to be now. Why is he in 2049? He died in season 1 when his ancestor Eddie killed himself then came back as a time remnant or something played by that other actor on Legends then came back as Harrison again for that Nazi earth storyline.

The Harrisons by themselves are confusing enough without Thawne.

    This episode reinforces the wrong message to Nora that time travel is ok to solve any problem that isn't easily overcome. In reality, the time stream would now be so messed up that who knows what will happen next . . .

I'm kind of wondering if they're going to build to the revelation that Nora is NOT the daughter of this earth's Barry and Iris. Like either she's lying for Thawne or she just realizes in this episode that this Barry and Nora are not her actual parents.

I don't think Eobard killing her namesake grandma is true in granddaughter Nora's world. That seemed like new information to her and knowing all the other horrors she's lived through it seems dumb for Iris to keep it from her. Like maybe our Barry and Iris end up having Dawn Allen (and Don?) in the future but Nora II is really Barry and Iris's daughter from the future in that timeline BEFORE Eobard meddled and killed Nora I. Nora II and Eobard would be from the same timeline but just at different points in it.

(although maybe it makes more sense that Dawn came from the non-meddled with timeline...still Nora's reaction to the news about her grandma was odd)

Killer Frost is a genetically engineered meta, not a dark matter meta. So she should be immune to having the villain siphon her powers.

Thawne....well the writers don't care about time travel mechanics.

However: yes Eddie killed himself and Thawne was erased. that singularity however I am confident was a temporal storm that would have destroyed and rewritten the timeline into a revised version had Barry and Firestorm not stopped it.

If there is no RF, then Nora wasn't killed and Barry would become the Flash later instead of earlier due to RF's changes. Without the Flash then there can be no RF. Yet Barry/Flash does exist and thus as the origins/lives/histories of Flash and RF are inextricably linked, RF also exists. For RF to be destroyed, the Flash must be destroyed.

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