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Subj: Re: Writers confrim next years crossover deals with the future Newspaper headline
Posted: Fri Jan 25, 2019 at 09:05:27 pm GMT (Viewed 1242 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Writers confrim next years crossover deals with the future Newspaper headline
Posted: Fri Jan 25, 2019 at 07:16:16 pm GMT (Viewed 1235 times)

    Point me to the episode where we learn this. Or point me to a similar situation that played out where someone made a change in the past and we were told that a divergent timeline was created and that the original timeline was intact.

The last episode of Season One. Now, it's not explicitly stated, but if we're dealing with one single timeline that could be changed, then the second Eddie died, the original timeline should have reasserted itself. But it didn't. This is clearly a divergent reality and whatever you do in it won't affect the 'original' reality. Nor is it going to go away.

    Because if you're right...

    1. Eddie killed himself for nothing
    2. Savitar wouldn't have disappeared
    3. John Diggle's daughter Sara would still be alive somewhere and John's just too lazy to go look for her
    4. The time remnants wouldn't exist...they exist to prevent time paradoxes...if the timeline splits off into a divergence then there shouldn't be a paradox...or a need for time remnants.
    5. The Legends serve absolutely no purpose because no changes in time actually matter.

1) Yep.
2) Not sure about this. Don't recall the exact circumstances. I'll have to rewatch.
3) Yes, but she has her own John Diggle in that reality.
4) Time remnants are a ridiculous notion. And completely redundant.
5) Right.

    On Flash when someone changes the past...the past is changed. In other works of fiction the rules are different. When people mess with the past on Flash or Legends their actions replace the previous timeline.

So they believe.

    At Marvel before Secret Wars I would agree you're spawning a new timeline every time you make a change. But I don't think DC's multiverse works that way. Back when the DC comics multiverse was only 52 worlds you can't say every possible possibility is played out on an alternate world.

Of course not. Only 52 were played out. Unless someone went back in time to try to change their history. Because if they did, there were more than 52 realities.

    When Eobard changes the past he replaced original Barry's timeline. Thus whatever that Barry did to save the universe/multiverse from that crisis event was undone.

It can't be done.

If you're talking about a SINGLE timeline, then you can't go back and change your history. Because if you do, then YOUR history is different, and always has been different. So there's no reason for you to go back and change your history. But if you haven't changed it, then the idea occurs to you to change it.

That's the paradox. And for obvious reasons, they CAN'T happen.

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