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    I FINALLY got time to watch this episode. It was better than prior episodes. It was strange having Barry gone for the vast majority of the episode. Nonetheless, Nora did a great job on her own. It only took her 52, 52, 52 tries to figure out the solution.

This was a very groundhog day-esque episode.

    I would have thought the Speed Force would have sent her a text, Snapchat or KIK about not going back in time so MUCH. Again, I would have thought a Time Wraith would have been deployed to stop the time jumps Nora KEPT doing. But, what do I know, I'm only a fan . . .

Perhaps because it was just she was reversing time rather than travelling back through and changing it? I did like how Barry used the coffee mug analogy that Jay Garrick used on him. But why didn't Barry insist she go back the first chance he got? When he knew that Nora could time travel he didn't just send her back... seems a bit hypocritical really.

    It seems that Nora gets more pathetic and useless every episode. She obviously didn't listen to Barry's advice to "slow down and think clearly." She also just panics and, of course, the solution is go back in time and change the event.

Nora is far from my favourite character in the show. I like her better than the self-righteous Cisco though. I do feel like Nora's time meddling is going to be a complete disaster.

    All this board posters seem to be right. RF and Nora trying to prevent Barry's death looks a lot like the incident on Crisis on Infinite Earths where the comic book Barry disappears. But wouldn't RF want that? His archenemy, the person he hates most in this world, gone? Unless he has an alternate plan to dispose of Barry and Nora by his own hand? Or maybe Nora will stupidly let him out and he will just disappear . . .

RF has a goal, he doesn't do anything without a plan. Its got to be something to do with ensuring his own survival after Eddie Thawne shot himself.

    The big cliffhanger at the end of the episode was Sherloque finally translating Nora's book and reading it. What will he do with the information he has stolen? Is RF even mentioned in her notes?

Sherloque figured out that some of the symbols were written by somebody else. But he didn't know who. Now he's translated it, who knows? But Barry will flip if he learns Nora is colluding with RF.