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Subj: Re: S05 E15 - King Shark vs Grodd
Posted: Wed Mar 06, 2019 at 07:58:59 pm GMT (Viewed 993 times)
Reply Subj: S05 E15 - King Shark vs Grodd
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I have to say as episodes go this one was suitably predictable. But enjoyable. King Shark was to be used as a test subject for the meta cure, and that causes some problems later in the episode. When Team Flash go to visit King Shark he has a device on his head which prevents him from reverting to being too animalistic. And enables him to talk with Tanya Lamden, the wife of the Earth 1 Shay Lamden who sadly died in the blast from the particle accelerator.

So King Shark seems interested in the prospect of being cured. But something happens which freaks him out and causes him to run away before they can trap him.

There's some boring stuff with Iris at this point which I certainly don't care about. One silver lining to this cloud however is that Joe is back. Which is great. I missed Joe and the soul and heart he brings to the show. I don't know maybe its just me, an old guy rooting for the old guy. Glad you're back Joe.

So, fast forward and Team Flash find King Shark, turns out he didn't go far. Nora puts the thinking crown on King Shark's head but it doesn't seem to work. King Shark Grabs Cisco, and he opens wide! I think all my Christmases are coming at once and King Shark is gonna eat Cisco, but at the last moment Barry uses the cure on King Shark (Without King Shark's express consent) and Shay Lamden then crawls out of the water.

Shay awakens at Star Labs confused and disorientated. And then, predictably, we find out the meta cure didn't work 100% there is still some dark matter in his system. As is evidenced by his hand temporarily transforming back into a King Shark hand.

After this Cisco and Caitlyn decide to give Barry some crap about using the cure on King Shark. Barry of course makes the excellent point that King Shark was literally moments away from eating Cisco. I honestly have had enough of Cisco and his sarcastic bitchery, I've never really liked him from series 1, so if he is leaving I cannot wait. Also, Cisco, the whole team is planning to cure Cicada. Presumably, they won't ask him for permission... So, why was using the cure on King Shark so terrible? King Shark has killed loads of people. Probably more than Cicada has, so why did Cisco get on his moral high horse over this?

Later Barry goes to apologise, which is flat out wrong. Cisco should have been apologising to him for not being more grateful that Barry stopped him becoming fish food. Barry then gets punched in the face and Vibe-blasted. Turns out Grodd wanted King Shark's crown to boost his own telepathic powers.

Barry and Nora try to stop Grodd using some gizmo's attached to their heads. It doesn't work, and they end up paralysed on the floor. Shay realises he's the only one who can stop Grodd and save Flash and XS. So he willingly turns back into King Shark to do it. But, predictably, Caitlyn informs him that if he does turn back into King Shark, he will be stuck that way and for some reason the cure won't work again. Bit of a shit cure obviously. But clearly the writers must have future plans for King Shark.

Que the "Big CGI fight" as a popular marvel character once said. Which looks pretty awesome even though it was short.

King Shark gets a tiny bit of help from Flash and XS when Grodd dangles King shark upside down disabling him, also Caitlyn in addition to being a medical doctor knows about shark anatomy as well! King Shark then puts the beat on Grodd. I think King Shark has a sort of happy ending??? At the end of the episode, he seems to be in control and he is wearing the crown as he swims in a tank.

Not a bad episode. Best part was no cicada!

Thanks for the summary.
I just want to add on that the last scene is Barry pledging to NEVER use the cure as a weapon then telling the team he needs to offer it to Cicada, which will turn out like this:

After a fight where Barry and XS get whipped:

Barry: Ciccada, I need your consent to give you this cure that will take away your meta-abilities.

Ciccada: Sure Barry, I will stop being a psychotic homicidal, meta hating super-being and PLEASE give me the cure! I am looking forward to returning to my life a nobody construction worker barely able to get by . . .

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