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    With Dibney of course. \:\-\) He is such a well meaning oaf. Clearly Cisco is having issues being a meta and Ralph pushing Cisco's girlfriend into Team Flash was a true bone head maneuver. I understand Cisco's aggravation, seeing as he is a sissy boy. However, Ralph does have a point that Cisco can't keep his work/team Flash life separate from his personal life forever. Cisco is so torn . . . I think this is the beginning of Cisco's phase out from the show.

I won't be sorry to lose Cisco at all. He really grates on my nerves with his attitude, for me the King Shark episode was the last straw. I mean, Barry did the right thing IMHO. He had an instant win in his hand and he used it, as such, Cisco didn't get hurt, Barry didn't get hurt, and neither did King Shark get hurt. That has to be an all round good thing. Besides how many people had King Shark killed? Far more than Cicada did for sure.

Cisco is a condescending prick and he needs to lose the superiority complex. However, that being said, Ralph had no right to go and just bring her into the fold because she is not his responsibility.


    Next up, Sherloque! He is a clever and fine detective. If he hadn't forced the issue I do not believe Nora would tell Barry and the team of her "partnership" with Thawne. I must admit I was surprised Thawne told her to tell Barry. I was expecting Thawne to tell her "If you let me out I can reset the timeline and fix what you screwed up . . ." I'm still not sure if Sherloque has some sinister plan he is secretly orchestrating.

No, Nora wouldn't have breathed a word to Barry or Iris about her alliance with Thawne. Sherloque had to force her hand. Which is a shame. Also I bet Barry will rue letting her remain in their time now. Suppose he decides to go and have the snip? I have no idea if Sherloque is the main villain really... would be quite a twist.


    Orlan/Ciceda. What a turnaround! and in only two weeks . . . From deranged meta murdering psychopath to upstanding do-gooder. I do kinda feel sorry for the guy . . . After all, the niece he so desperately avenged and watched over ends up killing him because she has become a meta murdering psychopath. He just can't catch a break!!!!!

I don't have a lot of sympathy for Orlan. He went on a meta killing spree, you live by the sword, you die by the sword. She is the product of his insanity, and he paid the price.

    And now for the BIG QUESTION Who's consent is the team going to get before they give young Grace the "cure?" With Grace having no living major relatives now (other than future her who will not give consent), how does that work? Clearly Barry will not give it to her because Orlan asked him to or to stop the mass murdering psychopath Grace has become in the future . . .

To hell with consent. Just give it to her, if they give it to her, then that future Grace will never exist and Orlan will not be dead. Theoretically.

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