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Subj: Re: First they came for Hartley...
Posted: Sat Jun 20, 2020 at 02:55:16 pm BST (Viewed 544 times)
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    To have redemption you have to seek it. That would mean first admitting a wrongdoing. It's like when Roseanne got kicked off her show. If she had immediately shown remorse and taken the blame we might be having a different conversation. Instead she doubled down on the offense. I'm not saying I agree with her or any of the above getting "shamed" in the first place, I don't know enough about the alleged offenses. But most of the people who have been "cancelled" seem to be because they don't care to build a bridge, but rather burn it.

Sawyer DID apologise, publicly and quickly.

But these people aren't looking for apologies, and aren't willing to be gracious enough to forgive. They want to take away the careers, the livelihoods of anyone who's made transgressions against their fragile sensibilities. That's the only thing that'll please them.

They have an agenda and now in current climate feel embolden!