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    Flashbacks show Oliver returning to the island, we also get the answer about the Deathstroke mask with the arrow in it from the first episode. Oliver intends to stay on the island for awhile to help establish that he was indeed stranded for years and not in Russia or anywhere else. The plan is that his friend will wait 2 days and then bribe a fishing boat to come to the island, Oliver will light a bonfire to get the boat's attention and then the boat takes Oliver home.


    Chase sends a 15 year old corpse of a dead council man to the mayor's office, apparently there is evidence on it to suggest Oliver's father killed the person.

    Thea returns.

    Oliver in his generic, arrow-less costume and Diggle literally fall into a trap.

    Why is Team Arrow SO DUMB as to still be working out of the EXACT SAME NOT SO SECRET BUNKER that Chase knows about and disabled with an EMP IN LAST WEEK's EPISODE?????? They should have had help from Argus, Cisco and Barry to relocate somewhere else and rebuild their base of operations.

    Chase has also dug up old security footage of Oliver's father killing the Councilman in what appears to be an accident. Oliver and Thea are again reminded of the sins of their parents.

    Chase and his goons are stealing chemicals that could produce a new bio-weapon.

    Felicity convinces Oliver to suit up as GA again.

    GA confronts Chase and tells him how Chase's father was going to disown him due to Chase being a sicko.

    Chase collapses and surrenders, Oliver tells him he will face justice and decks him.

    Flashback shows that Oliver is attacked on the island by Dolph's character.

    Chase is currently locked in Argus, but the grin on his face tells us that this isn't over.

    And I do so wish that it was. This season started off with some promise and while it has held itself somewhat together, it is also fraying at the edges at a considerable pace.

    One thing that I realized was nagging me was that as soon as Laurel was in the grave, no faster then you can say Deus Ex Machina writing we get a new Canary whose first name is Dinah and is a meta with a sonic scream. Seriously? This is the Canary that the show should have had from the start, now she just feels like a place holder.

    The flashbacks appear to be coming full circle and we see Oliver has a grand plan to make it look like he really was marooned for years on the island. Dolph's sudden appearance of course throws the plan out of whack, no surprise there. Here's hoping that next season has NO ISLAND flashbacks.

We'll be punished with Island Flashforwards. God I just realized how much this show reminds me of Lost.

One major problem I had with this whole episode was Oliver's shock that Robert killed a guy. Oliver should remember Robert murdered the guy on the life raft when their ship sank. For the longest time I had Prometheus pegged as that guy's son but I guess the show has forgotten that guy.

This whole Prometheus arc has really dragged. I'm ready for it to be over with. Prometheus being the son of some random nobody hasn't worked. If they had made him Ra's or Deathstroke's son maybe it would have worked.

Make him the son of slade wilson, and make him have a diluted version of the ole super soldier serium in Slade, and that is why he is so bad...

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