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Subj: Re: Didn't anyone else watch the premiere?
Posted: Mon Oct 16, 2017 at 09:32:17 pm EDT (Viewed 705 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Didn't anyone else watch the premiere?
Posted: Mon Oct 16, 2017 at 04:18:52 pm EDT (Viewed 710 times)

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    I thought it was pretty good.

    They managed to stop pulling their punches.

    The new Black Canary works better as a lieutenant. Having some power in the force again, makes more sense that cops are constantly working with/looking the other way about Team Arrow's shenanigans.

    Oliver has to deal with a son that doesn't even like him. Sort of fitting given how he wasn't involved for years.

I know people won't like William. But I've really wanted this development since we were first told about the pregnancy in season 2.

William is Oliver's reward for all the horrible things he's gone through. Oliver wants to redeem himself and the family name. This is HOW you do it. William's the future of the Queen family. In the first 2 seasons they hammered us again and again with the morally dubious decisions of Oliver's parents. I think for the show to go full circle and for Oliver to finally understand his parents and make peace with their decisions...he HAS to be a father. Once he knows what he's willing to sacrifice as a father then he can know what they went through.

    I don't know what's going on with John. My theory is he can't see well or he has the Yips.

Haven't they already done a yips story? Maybe I'm thinking of another show.

    Mad Dog gets a promotion.

    Thea is in a coma. I thought she was just straight up dead. So yeah, they couldn't figure out what to do with the character. I'm surprised she isn't just dead.

The creator of the show said in an article a while back that he never wants to kill Thea again. I hope when she awakes from her coma she has a story. It seems like she was on the shelf for most of season 5. If they can't write for her then I hope they just have her find Roy and settled down with him. (but I hear he might come back)

    And I guess Slade is just all better now. What happened to him being the baddest bad ass. Was that all just miracuru?

I know it's really screwed up and Slade murdered Oliver's mom...but I kind of liked how they were friendly with each other and were bonding over both having complicated relationships with their sons.

I kind of hope it was miracuru and Slade returns as an ally someday.

    It was sort of anti-climatic that all that happened to Lance is he shot Black Siren. I thought the big reveal would be that he let her go. Shooting her seems like nothing to feel guilty about. Not shooting her in the bunker was the mistake.

I felt like this was a journey the writers wanted to take us on and we didn't want to go. We get that Lance should be a little spooked meeting alternate Laurel but the guilt and second guessing himself is just ridiculous.

That said with Sara gone and real Laurel dead I'm glad Lance and Oliver get along. They get along when Oliver's not involved with his daughters.

    I like Black Siren but hope she just stays a henchman. I think they've exhausted the "but she looks like Laurel" aspect.

I think she's the Doctor Girlfriend (from Venture Bros) of Arrow. She doesn't work as one henchman among many. She doesn't work as a solo villain. She works as a villain's primary henchman. The majordomo who does the dirty work for the criminal mastermind.

    And how are they going to get out of the Oliver is revealed thing this time?

I think they're biting the bullet and Oliver will eventually have to come clean. They've already gotten out of it one time too many IMO. If he had revealed his identity a few years back it wouldn't have been too bad. But now that he's raising William he finally has something to lose.

If they pull the trigger and he has to admit to being the Green Arrow it seems like it would open up some storylines. He would probably lose his job as mayor, numerous murder charges would be filed, the courts might consider William in danger and try to remove him from Oliver's home, villains would come after him etc. But at the end of the day maybe Oliver could clear his name, run for mayor again and the Green Arrow really be accepted by the people. Maybe Oliver has to take accountability for his mistakes before he can really be the leader the city needs.

If Oliver truly gets outed by all rights that is the end of him being mayor and despite all the good he's done in both identities the criminal charges against him would be staggering.

How many has he killed as Arrow and Green Arrow?

Would they try to blame him for the earth quake attack?

Child Services would snatch William from him in a hot second.

Everything he did as Mayor in terms of legislation would be scrutinized and likely voided.

All of Team Arrow would likely be outed. Which means Diggle's family is at risk, Dinah is likely booted off the police force, and so on.

I'm thinking Oliver needs to fake his death at this point.

When Tony Stark at the end of Iron Man 1 admitted he was Iron Man the media and public welcomed him but then he wasn't hiding it for years and the armor was his way to redeem himself and save lives.

Oliver only has the trope of wanting to keep his loved ones save by wearing the mask and keeping his ID'd that work out for him again? \:\)

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