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Subj: Re: Arrow october 19th
Posted: Fri Oct 20, 2017 at 09:43:45 am EDT (Viewed 650 times)
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    okay so the photo of Oliver was digitally altered by someone.

    It was not Anatoly of the Russian mob, who is back and more ruthless then ever despite claiming to be a man of honor. Though he did make a point that he did NOT target William but easily could have. He also states he did not release that photo to the media.

    Team Arrow speculate it is a legacy left behind by Chase.

    But it seems the mystery someone altered that photo to put Oliver's head on the body of GA, so does that mean the person does NOT know he is in fact the Green Arrow, or does know and had to create a photo to release to the media?

I'm guessing it's the Vigilante. And there was an interview with the creators of the show and they confirmed Vigilante is someone we know.

    Terrific and Felicity decide they are a great tech team and she offers to him that they form their own tech business.

I wouldn't go into business with Felicity. She never showed up to work at Queen Consolidated when she was an employee and she ran it into the ground when she was running it. She sleeps with every male boss she ever has. She was a hacktivist. She routinely breaks the law. She's known for flying into rages or bizarre weeping spells when things don't go her way. And the amount of money she cost Queen Consolidated's insurance provider must be through the roof with that experimental spine thingamabob that helped her walk after Damien's men shot her full of air holes.

Nope nope nope. I would not let her be in my company.

    There is brief dialog about Felicity still being relatively wealthy with her severance from Palmer Tech, and that Diggle isn't hurting for cash since his wife is the head of Argus. They still do NOT go into detail about how Oliver affords his gear as GA....

Did I hear Curtis right that he knows Lyla doesn't make much money at Argus? Like he's snooped and knows how much she makes?

    The FBI agent still plans to investigate Oliver despite the reports of the photo being faked. Oliver tells her his son is off limits and she reminds him that is obstruction, however they don't get to finish that chat as they are interrupted by someone showing the news report of the photo.

    Diggle has nerve damage from the shrapnel he caught in the island. It is degenerative and as of now he cannot use a gun. He can still use his fists though and still is effective in the field but he is compromised. Only Dinah knows and she promised not to tell.....yet.

Yay Diggle has a storyline. And this is more interesting than I thought it would be. He doesn't have a psychological tick...he has a degenerative condition that can't be fixed and now Oliver's making Diggle Green Arrow.

    Oliver realizes that he is a father now and the mayor, and that he cannot risk making William a complete orphan. So at the end he asks Diggle to take up the mantle of the Green Arrow. Diggle agrees but doesn't tell Oliver of his injury, yet.

    The way I see it, Diggle should be able to function for awhile as the GA, aiming a bow and arrow is tricky but he should be better with that then a gun, for now.

Do Lazarus Pits heal slow acting degenerative disorders or do you have to be at death's door to benefit from the magic juju?

    However there is footage I'm sure of GA in action in the media archives somewhere, and Diggle is a bit bigger then Oliver and there is the fact that Diggle is black and Oliver is white. If anyone looks at archive footage of GA and can see enough under the hood GA wears they can tell that he is Caucasian and not as muscled up as Diggle, so anyone astute enough will figure out that Diggle is a new GA.

    However there is talk that Roy may return this season. Perhaps he will take over as GA after Diggle's condition is outed, or else Oliver will have to suit up again.

I have a real bad feeling Roy is the vigilante. The creators have said Vigilante is someone we know. Roy is really the only person that I can think of that isn't dead or would have an impact big enough for this revelation to land. But for it to be Roy I'd assume he's been brainwashed, gone crazy, or corrupted somehow.

I've also got a feeling Black Siren has a new boss this year. Maybe there is a mastermind waiting in the wings somewhere pulling all the strings.

    As to William, that kid needs many years of therapy. He is angry, bitter, alone and confused and needs help.

Well if he lived with Batman Bruce would just give him a costume and force him to risk his life every evening when he comes home from middle school.

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