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Subj: Re: Quick back to issue#28 and Hals race...
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Reply Subj: Quick back to issue#28 and Hals race...
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...the ring seemed to indicate Hal was approaching a speed force singularity. Has a GL ever been hinted at accessing the Speed Force before this?

So far as I am aware no one reaches the Speedforce - the Speedforce reaches out to you.
The story you are speaking of is a character-piece, not a physics exercise. So we see that Hal is racing across the universe in a hopeless pursuit of New God Lightray. My interpretation of events is that Hal's willpower is duly pushed wholly into speed to the point where it is exceeding the capacity of his Power Ring's ability to keep his 'ship' together - or rather he hasn't the willpower to perform these two tasks together, hence the ships integrity is buckling s it is an extension of his will, and his will is being focused to catching up to Lightray, not his shield integrity.

After his near collapse and some unexpected support from his father's spirit Hal reconsolidates his efforts and finally pushes up to those limitations, and by doing so surpasses both them and himself. He finally has the strength to, impossibly, catch up to and match Lightray!

I don't read the events as him tapping into the Speedforce, more like the Ring warning him that there was the possibility his effort might form a Speedforce Singularity... whatever that might be...