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Reply Subj: Re: I miss Tomar-Re. Too bad he's dead. *NT*
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    Yeah his appearance is odd, and Katma wasn't there at the time as I recall.

The logic given was that Tomar-Re was there in Limbo/purgatory due to his perceived guilt over events surrounding Hal and/or Sinestro, the puzzling thing for longtime readers was that at this point there were so many continuity revisions in Green Lantern, and the broader DCU, that the Crisis was no longer canon and so it was difficult to connect with the reasoning on offer. Tomar's guilt, his purpose for appearing to hal in that Limbo, were only vaguely suggested to us, and one did get the impression that there was something being left unsaid by Tomar... it isn't the only detail in Geoff Johns' run here that was left unanswered mind, we were for example told that early in the run Hal's 'disintegration' by Sinestro's Power Battery had done something to him according to Sinestro. The point was never returned to however...


    Well Goldface killed Tomar-Re and as I look back I do shake my head at that. Goldface is approaching Tomar, he is clad in gold and thus immune to the ring yet Tomar and honor guard of the Corps and seasoned veteran user of the ring tries to blast him only for Goldface to get his hands on him and strangle him to death.....

    ....really, Tomar?

It didn't strike me as all that improboble given the context was set in a mass assault and Goldface has similarly waded through Hal's assaults. It wasn't the most noble end for Tomar I do agree, but after all Yellow was such a problem for the Power Ring originally that even mediocre villains-with-a-gimmick such as Javelin were legitimate threats for Green Lantern. How much more dangerous then a physical juggernaut like Goldface.

    Also once upon a time, the blue ring gave John a vision of a possible future with him and Katma flying through the skies together. To my knowledge that hasn't been addressed and it was left vague as to whether it was indeed a vision of the future, or if John simply hopes to one day be reunited with Katma and the blue power capitalized on that to give him the vision.

I recall that too. I think the point was returned to, with the Blackest Night returning Katma to John as an undead Zombie. He had to make his peace with her memory and this allowed him to move on, and eventually find another love with Fatality. But it would be interesting to know whether John does still hold on to some of that deep hope and faith that someday he might be with Katma again...

Realistically at this point, so many many years after she was murdered back in Action Comics Weekly, I expect there is little interest in the character. But nevertheless she was a fairly popular Corps member back in the day, and one of my own favourites at that.

I think John still has some hope despite things with Fatality.

She did appear as a Black Lantern and when John was going to Mogo's core to blow him up when he was contaminated with black lantern energy, he did see a construct of Katma urging him on.

Her demise did help move John's character forward for a time, and of course so did John's error with planet Xanshi, however I don't think her death has the same resonance for him that it once did.

In fact when Kyle was White Lantern I'm surprised John didn't try to ask him to get Katma back.

However barring White Lantern power or Manhattan of the Watchmen or another universal restart I don't see her coming back.

The GLC could benefit from the return of a veteran GL.

As to Tomar-Re.....he didn't even try any alternate tactics on Goldface like hurling asteroids at him or something. He stood there and blasted a yellow enemy despite knowing the beam would do no good.

Hm, it IS possible that Tomar knew the Guardians would never formally reinstate Hal as GL UNLESS a Lantern perished and passed their ring on to him. Tomar COULD have secretly sacrificed himself and passed his ring to John so that Hal's would return to him and he would be GL again whether the Guardians wanted it or not. That is a bit of a stretch but it could work.

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