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    I think John still has some hope despite things with Fatality.

    She did appear as a Black Lantern and when John was going to Mogo's core to blow him up when he was contaminated with black lantern energy, he did see a construct of Katma urging him on.

    Her demise did help move John's character forward for a time, and of course so did John's error with planet Xanshi, however I don't think her death has the same resonance for him that it once did.

He has moved on I agree, and to be fair few in the audience today would have awareness or a connection to Katma-Tui after all these years. On the other hand she is a significant character still as she was the direct successor to Sinestro in the Green Lantern Corps. If Tomar-Re can still be thought to have importance then so too could Katma as she is of the same vintage and importance as he in the historical Green Lantern mythos, on the other hand we now have Soran natu as a replacement Korugarian, and being honest I am as fond of her as I am of Katma. So like the successors of Tomar-Re it is probobly the better to move on and accept the present rather than sympathise with the dead past...

    As to Tomar-Re.....he didn't even try any alternate tactics on Goldface like hurling asteroids at him or something. He stood there and blasted a yellow enemy despite knowing the beam would do no good.

    Hm, it IS possible that Tomar knew the Guardians would never formally reinstate Hal as GL UNLESS a Lantern perished and passed their ring on to him. Tomar COULD have secretly sacrificed himself and passed his ring to John so that Hal's would return to him and he would be GL again whether the Guardians wanted it or not. That is a bit of a stretch but it could work.

Tomar was officially retired as a Green Lantern by the time of his death, elevated to serving in an honour guard status. I see some weight to your suggestion he could have deliberately sacrificed himself, though no successive writer has ever returned to the subject and I think I'm right in saying that apart from #198 no mention has ever been made of the fact that Goldface is the one who killed him. A strange thing, one would think the Corps and Hal Jordan would never let him forget the fact...

Well in the next issue after Hal fulfilled his mission to investigate Star Sapphire's status ,which also was the Guardians way of testing him, he did join Arisia's team in hunting Goldface.

Hal as I recall used a few combat moves on him then aided the GL's in wearing him down and trapping him in antigravity or something.

But that was one of the few if only times it was mentioned.