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Subj: The spectrum powers Hal has used are:
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Reply Subj: That he did, I forgot about that one. *NT*
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1. Green

2. Yellow as host of Parallax plus all the yellow rings he used in the Sinestro Corp War

3. Red when he was furious with Sinestro a red ring latched onto him.

4. Blue to cure him of red, then he had to struggle with Green+Blue at the same time as hope is something Hal had trouble with at the time.

5. Orange: he briefly held the power of the orange lantern in his hands and was feeling its corrupting influence before Larfleeze snatched the Lantern away.   Hal then unleashes a 100% charged blue against an 8000% charged Larfleeze and wins..

6. White lantern energy during Blackest Night

7. Black Lantern: briefly dead during the war against Volthoom, controlled army of the dead and Nekron

He has not wielded Indigo/Compassion and Violet/Love.  

Note: to my knowledge before any of the reboots/resets he has never wielded the ring of Alan Scott

Should Hal ever get exposed to those energies and wielded them he could conceivably go white lantern again.

Also Hal was the host of the Spectre, was converting him from the spirit of vengeance to a more heroic version.  Then Parallax manifested again, Hal realizes the truth, starts to use his will to get free of parallax and uses his will to jolt the Spectre into separating them all. he then calls his ring back to his body as he returns and wills himself back to life.