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Subj: some data corrections (responding to Knight)
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Reply Subj: Re: Was Clark kent Originally Chosen to ne Earth ne GL?
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In Post Crisis, Clark was chosen by the ring first. But Abin Sur did not want a Kryptonian to have the ring, he wanted a human. So, the ring went out again and snagged Hal. In modern times, however, we don't know if this happened or not. It has neither been confirmed nor denied. So, we don't know. Since the modern Superman and Hal has kept most of their Post Crisis history, it's safe to assume this did happen. But again, we don't know for absolute certainty.

Side Note: Back in the late 80's, early 90's, Hal was dying and a number of successors were chosen to replace him. If I remember correctly, I think John Stewart and Guy were among that number (this was before either of them became GL's). But Clark Kent was also among that number as a potential replacement as well. So, that's twice that Clark could have potentially become a Green Lantern. Hal would dismiss the potential replacements and willed himself to stay alive. He was successful.

Side Note 2: Back when Superman lost his powers and the comics jumped to one year later, Hal offered Clark a power ring. Kent took it, used it to float up in the air but then returned it, saying he didn't wish to come out of retirement. So, once again, Superman could have become a GL but this time he outright refused. Geoff Johns wrote this story and I really wish he had explored Superman, who had no powers at that time, with a power ring. It would have been a neat story where Superman used the power ring to fight crime and what he could do with it. We also know it would have been temporary as Superman's powers would have returned and Clark would return the ring to Hal. But no, Johns didn't explore this. Talk about a missed opportunity. A huge one.

The event was in action comics weekly and occurred after the Malvolio encounter that changed hal's ring.

John Stewart as I recall was reactivated by Hal in GL quarterly and was off earth at the time

Clark was chosen by Abin but after seeing he was Kryptonian disqualified him as regulations state a native to the sector must be chosen. Clark gave first aid and abin wiped his memory and sent him back.

Than came the choice of Hal or Guy but Hal was closer.

Hal is shot and dying his ring scanned and pulled several candidates including Clark Kent, Guy who was already a GL and not present at Sinestro being executed and blowing up the CPB, Deadman, Nightwing and some civilians were chosen. All but Clark and Deadman were time frozen and Hal was trying to choose while Clark and Deadman argued the pros and cons of living and dying.

Then a pre-recorded message of abin came from the ring, which could not have happened as this was Malvolio's ring. It urged Hal to remember his will power, that abin died from lack of will and that the candidates had lesser will then Hal.

Hal revives himself and sends the candidates back and defeats the corrupt soldiers that shot him.

After this the comic becomes action comics again for Superman only, GL vol three is launched, Hal would have white hair at the launch and would be slowly poisoned by Parralax.

I have often suspected this incident was one of parallax's attacks on Hal to slowly poisoned bis mind

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