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Subj: green is the center, the balance point of the spectrum
Posted: Fri Jun 29, 2018 at 05:23:57 pm EDT (Viewed 921 times)
Reply Subj: color rant
Posted: Fri Jun 29, 2018 at 10:27:21 am EDT (Viewed 949 times)

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    I don't think that the colored lights of the Emotional Spectrum were supposed to be based on "true" electromagnetic radiation.

They went with ROYGBIV which is ostensibly the colors of a rainbow.

Personally I don't like the fact that there are 7 corps because they picked an uneven color model.

If they went with colors of paint we would have Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green and Purple.

If they went with colors of light we would have Red, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue and Magenta. Both have six.

7 screws it up. Green doesn't have an opposite in a model with 7 colors. If it was paint green's opposite would be red and if light green's opposite would be magenta. They screwed it up by making 7 primary corps.

    So, going as far as inventing an Ultraviolet Corps ... I don't know, it sounds, hmmm ... IMO, DC is pushing the concept too far.

I agree with that. There should never have been a 10th corps. Now they will keep inventing more and more corps and they will never be able to stop going to that well again.

    If they wanted a 10th Corps, I had the idea of a Corps based on the Purple Light. It wouldn't be a new color since the Purple Boundary isn't a separate electromagnetic radiation but only how our mind pictures a combination of red & violet colors.

Purple is a lie your brain makes.

Although I agree in light Magenta really would be green's opposite. And that's what the Lanterns deal with...hard light.

A while back I had this hobby of collecting different colored high powered laser pointers and learned you cannot get a true magenta laser because that color is not an actual part of the visible color band in the electromagnetic spectrum. You can merge a blue beam and a red beam to get a magenta looking color but you can't get a true magenta beam without mixing the colors. There are colors we see that are in between red and blue that are not in the range of pure spectral colors that comprise the visual spectrum between 380 nanometers and 760 nanometers. Our brain mashes red and blue together so we can see things that are purplish but true purple isn't a spectral color. (long story I think the color corps kind of are based on the colors found in the electromagnetic spectrum since they represent colored we should never see a purple corps)

As I recall in rebirth and in Sinestro Corp war, it was stated that green is the center of the spectrum and considered by the guardians as the purest part of the spectrum, hence their use of it.

Green really doesn't have an opposite in that sense, though red/rage can overwhelm green as shown when a red ring latched onto Hal and his green ring went offline as a result, or when he felt a strong NEED to get the orange battery from Larfleeze and was overwhelmed as soon as he grabbed it. Larfleeze quickly took it back but for a moment Hal was being affected by the power as his green ring was blocked by the blue and Hal hadn't yet realized how to unleash the blue power.

yellow of course weakens green when facing yellow, but if a GL summons enough willpower/courage they can defeat yellow, red and presumably orange.