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Subj: Re: A question from GL: REBIRTH that I do not think was ever subsequently answered
Posted: Sat Oct 06, 2018 at 02:15:16 am EDT (Viewed 1118 times)
Reply Subj: Re: A question from GL: REBIRTH that I do not think was ever subsequently answered
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I don't recall there being a subsequent confession from any of the Guardians over this, but as I remember it Parallax had been dormant and forgotten in the main Battery for Billions of years and when it began to awake (thanks to Sinestro) he and it made sure to quietly influence the unsuspecting Guardians into 'forgetting' all about Parallax being in there and hence their actions in Emerald Twilight. Parallax may have subtly influenced their erratic behaviour and rash decisions here. Though I may be wrong in all of this I fully admit...

Oliver Queen is/was prone to suspecting everybody, so his views have to be taken as being subjective. And whatever we think of the Guardians does anyone really think Ganthet was lieing in Rebirth?
Granted, it would be well within their history from the early 1990s on to be manipulating events with Parallax infecting Hal Jordan and he destroying the Corps to further some agenda, after all they did reveal previously that they had set Appa Ali Apsa up to go mad, and earlier than that they revealed they knew that the original Corps would disintegrate once they left with the Zamorans and the Corps would be alone. But what sense would it make for them to have Hal annihilate the Corps, then allow him to kill them too?! If they were in limbo with the Zamorans when the original Corps disintegrated and Sinestro awoke Parallax HOW could they have manipulated Sinestro into doing this?

The notion they engineered Parallax' awakening and its possession of Hal etc is an intriguing possibility certainly, but when looking at the facts, the chain of events, and the fact that neither Ganthet or Sayd have ever commented on this accusation or indeed are of the type to consent to its having happened, I take it with a large grain of salt on the whole...

Ganthet stated in Rebirth that Parallax had wiped Ganthet and hence the Guardians of the knowledge of Parallax, however Parallax called him a liar and stated he forgot nothing and that his release was allowed to happen.

Hm, looking back to GL 200 after the Crisis the Guardians realized that though they were immortal they still aged slowly and that one day they could go senile so the tended to their affairs and then left with the Zamarons to make babies.

What happened to the kids anyway?

Appa Ali Apsa goes nuts but I don't think the Guardians really caused that, in fact Appa having most the CPB power in him would make me think Parallax had its hooks in him and drove him crazy with the fear of being alone and boosted his power so that he could rip the cities from the planets turn OA into a Mosaic. I think this is what happened to Appa, since Ganthet as the sole Guardian for some time did NOT go crazy

Hal gets the Guardians back, Appa is killed and the power is restored to the CPB as they repair it. John Stewart tests it by charging his ring and Sinestro enters his ring. The Guardians asked him if he felt possessed and that they noted the "glitch" in the CPB was gone. So I think they knew about Sinestro's ghost but Parallax/the impurity was back in the CPB and still corrupting Hal.

But did Parallax really scramble their memories? It is also possible that after the Guardians first imprisoned Parallax and rendered it dormant, that not only did they adjust their records and the Book of Oa to call it the yellow impurity, but they themselves kept calling it the impurity so much over the millennia that they may have deluded themselves and actually made THEMSELVES forget to help ensure Parallax never gets revealed and released. Ganthet then as a cover when confronted by the truth claims parallax did the memory alteration

Emerald Twilight once again shows that the Guardians are feeling their years and too atrophied to do anything, harkening back to their condition in GL200. This is a weak explanation for them not shutting of Hal's rings, imo. Only Ganthet had the will to act but the others all threatened him if he acted. They then all just stand quietly by threatening to punish Hal as Hal enters the CPB to take the power.

The Guardians shift their energies into Ganthet and years later Kyle reclaimed the remaining CPB power including the ION entity which also apparently contained the Guardians essences and revived them as kids/smurfs for Ganthet to take care of. Now they back, regenerated and technically younger and more able to act again.

So was it a long shot plan of theirs?

Were they really deceived by a Parallax construct of Sinestro that Hal would kill?

I also still stand by my theory that since editorial did not want to pursue the Malvolio story, that Malvolio can be explained as a Parallax attack on Hal. Malvolio wore a version of Alan Scott's costume to throw Hal off a bit, Malvolio was very powerful thanks to Parallax, Hal is deprived of his ring and makes a makeshift bow and arrow and manages to kill Malvolio, which SHOULD NOT HAVE WORKED. Hal takes Malvolio's ring which was a ring that Sinestro/Parallax salvaged from the wrecked CPB thus he is now basically linked to Parallax (his hair would soon turn grey after this)> Malvolio awakes, dissipates his yellow fortress stating that Hal was now his pawn against the Guardians, then he disappears.

Priest would also be a construct to help confuse and distract Hal.

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