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Subj: Re: A question from GL: REBIRTH that I do not think was ever subsequently answered
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Reply Subj: Re: A question from GL: REBIRTH that I do not think was ever subsequently answered
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    Ganthet stated in Rebirth that Parallax had wiped Ganthet and hence the Guardians of the knowledge of Parallax, however Parallax called him a liar and stated he forgot nothing and that his release was allowed to happen.

Yes I remember, the issue has to be though whether you believe the words of a inherently manipulative Fear Entity or take the side of the gallant, and generally very trustworthy, Ganthet…

    Hm, looking back to GL 200 after the Crisis the Guardians realized that though they were immortal they still aged slowly and that one day they could go senile so the tended to their affairs and then left with the Zamarons to make babies.

    What happened to the kids anyway?

The plot point has never been followed up on. Indeed we can't even be sure anymore that that event happened given the various bits of interference and adjustments in the Green Lantern continuity. This is a bit of a shame as it would have added an extra layer to the Guardians' mythos and allowed for natural succession to more modern and contemporary Guardians of the Universe by some subsequent writer like Geoff Johns.

    Appa Ali Apsa goes nuts but I don't think the Guardians really caused that, in fact Appa having most the CPB power in him would make me think Parallax had its hooks in him and drove him crazy with the fear of being alone and boosted his power so that he could rip the cities from the planets turn OA into a Mosaic. I think this is what happened to Appa, since Ganthet as the sole Guardian for some time did NOT go crazy

No two people are entirely alike - Ganthet and Appa are two different people coming out of different situations and experiences. The rationale with Appa was that he was a deposed Guardian stripped of his powers and connection to the Guardians shared hivemind, he substitutes this loneliness by integrating himself deeply into the society and workings of the overpopulated world of Maltus as a figurehead, and is then summoned to OA where he is left to roam the world he once lived on with his Brothers all on his own. He went mad from that isolation.
The Guardians would later reveal they had foreseen he would go mad, somewhere around 'The Third Law' storyline as I recall.

You could argue Parallax could have had a hand yes, but it is equally possible that it was the sudden loneliness and isolation that was the trigger for his mental collapse. Ganthet's character and situation was somewhat different. He was certainly the stronger person of the two I think I can safely say...

    Hal gets the Guardians back, Appa is killed and the power is restored to the CPB as they repair it. John Stewart tests it by charging his ring and Sinestro enters his ring. The Guardians asked him if he felt possessed and that they noted the "glitch" in the CPB was gone. So I think they knew about Sinestro's ghost but Parallax/the impurity was back in the CPB and still corrupting Hal.

That was Green Lantern #13 thereabouts, and without a doubt the Guardians knew that John had freed Sinestro's spirit from the Battery and this was a part of their aims to help move John Stewart on to a higher level of understanding and power, this was all fed into the Green Lantern:Mosaic series. But all of this was written long long before ideas of Emerald Twilight, never mind Rebirth, but then if you then take the Geoff Johns retcon into consideration then Sinestro was never dead at all. Just in hiding somewhere...

    But did Parallax really scramble their memories? It is also possible that after the Guardians first imprisoned Parallax and rendered it dormant, that not only did they adjust their records and the Book of Oa to call it the yellow impurity, but they themselves kept calling it the impurity so much over the millennia that they may have deluded themselves and actually made THEMSELVES forget to help ensure Parallax never gets revealed and released. Ganthet then as a cover when confronted by the truth claims parallax did the memory alteration

I think the point here was that the Guardians themselves 'allowed' Parallax to be forgotten, and disappear into nothing but an ancient fairytale and myth across the Universe. Erasing its true name and nature from the Book of OA made sure that even their Corps would be ignorant of the Impurities reality and therefore not unintentionally feed it any energy through their inevitable recognition and interest in it. A sensible strategy as surely the best way to keep a parasitic entity that dangerous completely inert would be to make sure no one even knew it existed! In the Battery it was securely trapped, kept in permanent checkmate by the Green Power, only some outside interference could interrupt that fate...

    Emerald Twilight once again shows that the Guardians are feeling their years and too atrophied to do anything, harkening back to their condition in GL200. This is a weak explanation for them not shutting of Hal's rings, imo. Only Ganthet had the will to act but the others all threatened him if he acted. They then all just stand quietly by threatening to punish Hal as Hal enters the CPB to take the power.

    The Guardians shift their energies into Ganthet and years later Kyle reclaimed the remaining CPB power including the ION entity which also apparently contained the Guardians essences and revived them as kids/smurfs for Ganthet to take care of. Now they back, regenerated and technically younger and more able to act again.

    So was it a long shot plan of theirs?

    Were they really deceived by a Parallax construct of Sinestro that Hal would kill?

If you can really accept the bizarre idea that they would allow this immensely dangerous Cosmic entity from the early phase of the Universes development to be freed in order just to teach a mere earthman, Hal Jordan, some humility, then sure. And yes, maybe they wanted their Corps decimated once again in the bargain. But even if you accept all of that warped logic as a possibility can we really believe that they would also allow themselves to be endangered by all of this needless chaos, and ultimately 'killed'? No. It simply makes no sense when you look at that chain of ''logic''.
But - If Parallax was unknowingly influencing them, and they were by this time unaware of either its existence or the fact it was again active, then it all makes much more sense. Sinestro inflicted his ideal ultimate revenge on both them, and his hated arch-rival Hal Jordan.


    I also still stand by my theory that since editorial did not want to pursue the Malvolio story, that Malvolio can be explained as a Parallax attack on Hal. Malvolio wore a version of Alan Scott's costume to throw Hal off a bit, Malvolio was very powerful thanks to Parallax, Hal is deprived of his ring and makes a makeshift bow and arrow and manages to kill Malvolio, which SHOULD NOT HAVE WORKED. Hal takes Malvolio's ring which was a ring that Sinestro/Parallax salvaged from the wrecked CPB thus he is now basically linked to Parallax (his hair would soon turn grey after this)> Malvolio awakes, dissipates his yellow fortress stating that Hal was now his pawn against the Guardians, then he disappears.

    Priest would also be a construct to help confuse and distract Hal.

Sure, why not, I can see your logic in this certainly. My only critique of that theory though is that if you accept it, and accept Parallax as responsible for Appa Ali Appsa going mad, and the gradual erosion of the original Corps and Hal Jordan, then basically anything from Green Lantern Corps #223 up to Emerald Twilight can be held to the same standard. In fact what you call into question is the entirety of the Action Comics Weekly run of Green Lantern, particularly the Owsley/Bright run, and that I am uncomfortable with...

Well not all of Action Weekly would be Parallax attacks on Hal.

To me it started with the Malvolio encounter. Then Priest is created to keep Hal confused while "training" him to make him see the greater good as shown in GL Quarterly 2.

Also in that issue, Hal goes to a FAKE OA, where a FAKE Guardian and Zamaron take his pal hostage and state his friend dies if he does not kill Priest. Hal decides for the greater good that Priest must live, then all was revealed as a "test" and Priest takes Hal to the real OA.

Sounds like a Parallax attack to confuse Hal, make him lose his friend and to possibly help corrupt Appa as "Priest" stayed on the planet.

Now just HOW could Hal have not known that he was on a fake OA unless his mind was already clouding over from Parallax?

Then in the last issue of Action Weekly, Hal is shot by a renegade soldier and left to die. His ring brings him candidates to replace him including Deadman and Superman, while they argue about life and death, Hal receives a message from Abin Sur from within the ring! WRONG! That was MALVOLIO's ring, NOT the ring Hal received from Abin Sur so it could NOT contain such a message! Hal was so distracted and out of focus that he got himself shot, the message was to help Hal rally to stay alive as he was needed to free Parallax from the CPB.

After that, the GL series is relaunched, Hal's hair has gone grey and he is trying to "find himself".....then ultimately comes Reign of the Supermen and Emerald Twilight....

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