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Subj: Re: A question from GL: REBIRTH that I do not think was ever subsequently answered
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Reply Subj: Re: A question from GL: REBIRTH that I do not think was ever subsequently answered
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Well not all of Action Weekly would be Parallax attacks on Hal.

To me it started with the Malvolio encounter. Then Priest is created to keep Hal confused while "training" him to make him see the greater good as shown in GL Quarterly 2.

Also in that issue, Hal goes to a FAKE OA, where a FAKE Guardian and Zamaron take his pal hostage and state his friend dies if he does not kill Priest. Hal decides for the greater good that Priest must live, then all was revealed as a "test" and Priest takes Hal to the real OA.

Sounds like a Parallax attack to confuse Hal, make him lose his friend and to possibly help corrupt Appa as "Priest" stayed on the planet.

Now just HOW could Hal have not known that he was on a fake OA unless his mind was already clouding over from Parallax?

Then in the last issue of Action Weekly, Hal is shot by a renegade soldier and left to die. His ring brings him candidates to replace him including Deadman and Superman, while they argue about life and death, Hal receives a message from Abin Sur from within the ring! WRONG! That was MALVOLIO's ring, NOT the ring Hal received from Abin Sur so it could NOT contain such a message! Hal was so distracted and out of focus that he got himself shot, the message was to help Hal rally to stay alive as he was needed to free Parallax from the CPB.

After that, the GL series is relaunched, Hal's hair has gone grey and he is trying to "find himself".....then ultimately comes Reign of the Supermen and Emerald Twilight....

I won't disagree with that as it's a perfectly viable proposal and Geoff Johns did leave deliberate reason to question those years events with his "You'd Be Amazed at the Constructs Parallax is capable of. I Tortured Hal Jordan with Many of them." line from Sinestro.
For all of its additions to the mythos and its entertaining aspect Owsley & Bright's Green Lantern run failed to have a legacy and there was nothing in it that was picked up by any subsequent writer for revisiting, so your proposal that much of its later action and event was a Parallax influenced experience makes sense in retrospective terms. Indeed the notion that Hal left Malvolio's dimension with his Ring, as fascinating as that is, can be brushed aside as a Sinestro/Parallax implant.

Johns did a terrific job in using established continuity to help explain Emerald Twilight's events and why it was Hal's character had deteriorated so steeply in the previous years, Dense as it is that series is still a strong read in its own right. \(yes\)

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