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    Hi gang,

    I was thinking about those situations when you like something that everyone else hates, or even more bizarre when everyone loves somehing you can't stand.

    I guess the example for myself would be "Indianna Jones and the Last Crusade". I watched a review of this film where they gave it an A+. I have always despised this film, replacing a fantastic series with screwball comedy antics that Adam Sandler would be embarrassed by.

Well, like some of the others I found "Temple of Doom" even worse, but that is a movie which actually has quite a few detractors and of which Steven Spielberg himself is embarrassed, so I guess it doesn't count.

I have to say that I dislike the entire Indiana Jones franchise because I think it is essentially nostalgia for bad old films with too little self-awareness or self-irony. In that respect I definitely prefer the campy Flash Gordon movie and the oddball "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid".

    I think it hurt more because I found Raiders life changing as a young boy so my disaapoinment was extreme. In a lot of ways it helped me lower expectations. I think for most casual fans, they like the film, but I hated it with a passion.


    do you guys have anything like this? Something that is universally loved and you feel like Cassandra shouting all alone about how bad it is.

Let's see. As far as the era covered in this board (up until the mid-1980s) is concerned, I'm not sure if there is that much where I violently disagree with the majority opinion. I would say that I consider some works and artists overrated, e.g. part of the oeuvre of Jack Kirby, Byrne's run on Uncanny X-Men and Frank Miller's revised origin of Daredevil, but that for the most part only means that I consider them "good, but not THAT good" as opposed to "bad". (Back when I became a Marvel fan in the 1970s, my favourite artist was Gene Colan. And my favourite comics creator from the "Golden Age" years is - Hergé).

I have a very negative opinion of early X-Factor, but that is not that uncommon a position to hold.

From later years, here's a partial list (in more or less alphabetical order):


"Empowered" - I consider it perhaps the most consistently great superhero comic of the past two decades - why do so few people take note of it?

Ang Lee's "Hulk" (2003)


Busiek's Avengers run (Busiek is another creator I consider overrated).

Bringing Bucky back from the dead (a silly and unnecessary exercise in nostalgia for the "Golden Age" of comics and the certainties of the Cold War).

Peter Jackson's "Lord of the Rings" films (I watched the first movie, then refused to watch any of the blockbuster sequels).

The Rogue/Gambit romance (it's pretty popular and even declared to be "classic" by some fans, but I consider it one of the worst and most toxic relationships in comics, especially in its original 1990s incarnation). In this context I should add that I found Kelly Thompson's "Rogue & Gambit" limited series one of the worst superhero story arcs of this millennium (also, perhaps surprisingly misogynistic for a comic written by a woman) - most of the reviews I've seen were undeservedly positive.