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Subj: So he's roughly as strong as the Merged Hulk, if not slightly stronger....
Posted: Fri Jul 20, 2007 at 10:10:42 am EDT
Reply Subj: The Hulk's standard baseline is low Class 100, with the potential for limitless strength..
Posted: Fri Jul 20, 2007 at 09:57:23 am EDT

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... depending on how mad he gets. Right now, as World War Hulk unfolds, I would say he's easily capable of lifting several hundred tons...

> > When I heard about a possible upgrade for Hulk in WWH, I assumed we'd have an uber Hulk/Juggernaut type hybrid that could roll over anyone. That hasn't been the case. Cyclops, Wolverine, Thing, Herc...these people, while all losing spectacularly, did so in a way that I think should always be the case. Calling this a powered up version of the Hulk, while true or not, doesn't do the Hulk justice. If anything, it makes guys like the Thing look great for holding on with him.
> >
> > If you ask me, this is how Hulk's power level should be. All of the fights have been well done (with the exception of all the defeats being off panel), but shouldn't we always expect this from Hulk? What is so great and new about tearing open a suit of armor, beating up Thing, and so on? The problem is that since we've been told it is a powerup (and Wolverine and Hulk both mentioned that) then anything short of annihilating these characters means is a bad thing. If Hulk can't take down Sentry (or even has trouble) then that is admitting that Sentry is much more poweful than classic Hulk, since Hulk is supposed to be much more powerful now. So was there even a need for a powerup? Thoughts?
> I'll share a theory I've had since all this talk of a Hulk power up started. Hope it helps.
> My first thought when Hulk got a power up was "about time." Why? Well, Hulk may be the strongest one there is, but in recent years the rest of the Marvel U has been catching up, and not just Sentry. The Thing can lift 100 tons (with extreme effort). She-Hulk was at one point stronger than Hercules, and though she's lost some of it, she's still a legit Class 100 member. Colossus has come into his full adult strength, lifting over 100 tons. And, of course, there's Sentry with his "thousand exploding suns" and newly-alive Thor whose status quo has yet to be set. And it's not just those at the top end who are powering up. Spider-Man's strength shot up after "The Other." Luke Cage seems to be creeping up the strength ladder, too. And even cosmicly. Nova and Silver Surfer both received power ups recently. Even Galactus(!) was powered up, though it greatly increased his hunger.
> And so, even though I believe Hulk's power up is legitimate, the relative power levels remain the same. Everything has changed, but nothing has changed. Weird, huh? It makes me feel sorry for Dr. Strange, who seems to be one of the only characters suffering a severe power down. terms of base strength?

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