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Subj: No One is Buying Your Disguise
Posted: Wed Nov 04, 2009 at 02:31:06 pm EST (Viewed 243 times)
Reply Subj: Re: I'm fine, but thank you for asking.
Posted: Sat Oct 31, 2009 at 10:34:13 am EDT (Viewed 186 times)

    It is a shame you're too wrapped up in your own ego and self-spite to be able to take a hard look at how poorly you come across in just about every post you make, It's time you moved on in life. Seriously.

Many of your “Holier Than Thou” posts (and trust me, there are a lot of them) describe yourself better than the person they’re directed at. It’s a shame YOU are too wrapped up in your own ego and self-spite to be able to take a hard look at how poorly you come across in just about every post you make, It's time you moved on in life. Seriously.

    And to set matters straight if i didn't like the character i would not be posting here at all.

I don’t think anyone is debating that. As a matter of fact, YOU have made it abundantly clear on *several* occasions that you don’t have a problem with the Hulk, you just dislike most of his fans.
Your vile attitude toward Hulk fans is no secret; in past posts I’ve listed SCORES of links to direct quotes by you ripping the POSTER, not the POST. Attacking the PERSON, not the argument. Here’s just *one* of dozens upon dozens, that’s so ridiculous it’s actually become a signature on the board:

"I just do not care what you think about anything as i just don't value you as a poster or a human being." [sic] – Daveym

For you to have the guts…the very gall to come on this board and accuse others of things that you, yourself have been far more frequently guilty of is the epitome of hypocrisy. And then to try to come across with this innocent, angel wing-wearing Eddie Haskell act is absolutely abhorrent. The only people you’re fooling would be first-time readers and yourself.

    I do like the character but the simple fact is I have lots of favorites of which he is but one, and so i do not obsess about him to the exclusion of any other. I'm just an oldtime reader who grew up reading him and has a great fondness for him. Even taking it a little further by tracking down that creaky old TV show on DVD as well as hunting original art from the series.

Wait…so, because you collect Hulk items, that somehow negates the fact that you’re a narcissistic, megalomaniacal, out-of-control bully that hides behind threats of notifying a mod if someone gives you back a tenth of what you dished out?
So, because Hitler liked daisies, that someone makes him an okay guy?

    The main difference being I don't take it all so zealously and personally as you and others do and find this sort of vicious fanbase both disturbing and frequently over-obsessive, hence I am not a regular here and never will be most likely.

The reason why we take it personally is because YOU make personal attacks. Let’s see, in addition to your most recent offense of making fun of what I do for a living, posters have wrongly accused me of being homosexual (“Not that there’s anything wrong with that”) and been made fun of because I make far less money than other posters claim they make, not to mention the obligatory, almost weekly comments about my “inferior intellect” or my “lack of reading comprehension”, etc. ad nauseam.
Wait…isn’t this a *comic book* message board?
Don’t non-fiction comics offer a bit of an escape from stuff like that—not attract more of it?

    I ask you once again to Just step back and start thinking about how odd you come across to me and in front of everyone....

You know, I asked you that, once. I even extended the olive branch first and asked to move on. If you click the link, you will clearly see *NO* response from you:

However, there was one time afterward that you did contact me via PM. It was a surprisingly civil message that made me believe (okay, *hope*) that a change in you was eminent (like you promised in your message).
What followed was you basically ignoring me (which is absolutely fine with me—preferred, actually), but reverting back to your true self with most other Hulk fans. So much for that alleged change, eh? A man is only as good as his word.

Soon after, you were back in rare form, actually going so far as to *congratulate* other people for making fun of my profession:

So, the guy that incessantly preaches about proper conduct on this board is promoting not only attacking other posters, but now making fun of their occupation (because, you know, helping children is *SO* 1950’s). And when you take into account that your childish, yet malicious display was in response to my original post which stated nothing more than what was in the comic in question (and, consequently, several other issues congruent to my argument), it makes your unprovoked attack that much more pitiful.

And while I’m sure that you’ll respond with a handful of examples of me giving it right back to you…let’s keep in mind that that’s exactly what it was: me giving it BACK to you. And remember, I’ve got about five examples of you being downright cruel and nasty for every one example you give of me.

We see the sheep's clothing, Mr. Wolf. 

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