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Subj: Re: No One is Buying Your Disguise
Posted: Fri Nov 06, 2009 at 02:33:46 pm EST (Viewed 150 times)
Reply Subj: Re: No One is Buying Your Disguise
Posted: Thu Nov 05, 2009 at 02:07:55 pm EST (Viewed 163 times)

    I have Artteacher. You see because of Vile Hulk Obsessive posters like you who like to take snide pokes at posters from afar I got smarter.

From afar?
My "No Text" posts are on the same screen as the ones full of words.

    Instead of rising to the bait I'm playing the long game, the smart game. Wondering what I mean by that?


    I know you very well by now and i know you won't ever put yourself into the position of getting involved in any post or discussion and the risk of embarrasment in front of your peers

My peers? I'm afraid of being embarrassed in front of faceless people on a message board about comics?
Since this is what you claim to *know* about me since you've "studied me so long," I can only assume that this is very telling of yourself and your fears. Unlike you, my life isn't this board. While I think Alvaro's got a great board here with a cool community, I actually don't devote sweeping hours of my time on this board.

    hence my additional distaste for you,

Keep the above quote in mind, it will come in handy later.

    it's easy to throw snideness from afar in the form of hit and run NT posts.

These "hit and run" no text posts you speak of...if someone replies to one of my "N/T" posts, I usually offer a response. So, if no one replies, I don't see where it's a "hit and run".

    In fact any idiot is capable of it...

What any idiot is capable of is turning a debate into a personal affront. The last line of a desperate defense is turning it into something personal. Any hot-headed child can revert to name-calling when something doesn't go his way. Sound familiar? I know several posters are nodding their head in agreement.

    the fact we have ascertained though is you are nowhere near as smart as your name implies though.

According to you, my name implies that I am *not* smart and that I am incapable of logic. Once again, you contradict yourself in the very same post.

    I'd hoped and thought we'd buried the bad blood

We did bury the bad blood. I was completely fine with things…until you started making fun of my occupation and calling me unintelligent.

    but let me say right now everything in my post above is true –

And everything in my post is true—the difference is, I have quotes from you that proves that mine is true.

    I have no dislike of the Hulk or even his fanbase,

Yeah, remember that quote I told you to remember above...? I could spend an entire day reading times where you have expounded upon your dislike of the Hulk’s fan-base.

    it's vile OTT posters who hover on the fringes of it like you who spoil it for everyone.

I think spoiling things for everyone would be incessantly throwing childish insults and name calling (you know--that thing that you do so much that I then call you out on it).

    If you want to prove something I challenge you to get involved, stop the eternal B-s-ing and take me head on, what are you afraid of? \(\-\)

I’m not even sure what this means. Take you “head on”? In what—a “Who Can Be the Biggest Insulter” competition? How about instead of challenging me to a contest, you just stop being a sour, hateful little child? How about that? If I’m the terror you say I am, just ignore me. Then you won’t have to go through the sheer torture that is my incredibly low intellect and my posts with no text.

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