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Subj: Re: It wasn't that bad compared to...
Posted: Thu May 01, 2014 at 07:41:11 am EDT (Viewed 229 times)
Reply Subj: Hulk #2
Posted: Wed Apr 30, 2014 at 01:01:22 pm EDT (Viewed 342 times)

> HULK #2

> You have to laugh really. Hulk fans complain about Hulk being a mindless beast... Waid makes Banner dumber than the savage Hulk and now the Abomination literally completely mindless as well.

> The art on the fight is decent enough although it's very sloppy in other places.

> I don't understand the focus on secondary characters that we will never see again. Last issue, it was the doctor. This issue, it is the preachy real estate agent.

> I also hated the fact that Hill did not contact Jennifer Walter, Betty or Rick Jones about Banner's condition. Seriously, they are his family, doesn't she think they deserve to know?

> the fact that the only line of dialogue uttered in the Hulk/Abominaton duel was Abomination saying "RAAAGH!" is unfortunate. So, sadly we're missing out on any insightful exchange

> allowing 3 years of mediocre Hulk comics to be printed in the first place since Pak's departure

Going to agree with all those negative sentiments. However, comparitively speaking to the (unsatisfying) premiere this was not that bad.

> Banner being called Bobby......okay nice nod to the legendary name gaffe decades ago that forced a retcon into Banner being named Robert Bruce Banner.

That's a nice catch. There felt like a subtle parallel to Superman's roots factored in just for the homage too.

> You know, I actually like the idea of Banner being made dumber than the Hulk for a while.

> This isn't the first time Banner has received head trauma/shrapnel in the head which of course in turn affects the Hulk. However even though SHIELD wants to keep Banner content, they seem to fail to remember that when Hulked out he gains a nice healing factor that likely is regenerating his brain even as he is fighting Abomination.

These 2 observations might be taken as a positive. It's different. Maybe SHIELD does know about the regeneration but just wants to delay/avoid him HULKing out for just that reason. The protective custody turned into a SNAFU and Hill did the only immediate action (and her tired ongoing schtick) by forcing it to avoid losing the subject.

> I see this reject as nothing more than a mindless zombie clone.
That seems the point so far as the scientist team (that needed better identification to garner more interest) basically stated. Hopefully, it remains the case and a runofthemill op can't so easily return sentience to an animated corpse. However, what Hulk fans didn't get excited by that cover and using a A-List iconic Rogue as the 2nd issue foil seems like a good marketing choice. Curious how this encounter compares for Hulk fans compared to this all issue fight: (Huh, is there kind of an intentional cover flip there?)

> Hickman writing a pretty badass Banner over in Avengers, as well as Spencer's Banner in Avengers World
Yeah, the one World War Hulk burn on Tony and the other relief reaction when the agents were confabbing with a calm Banner were both great scenes. But again, comparitively speaking, this issue, with its flaws, was much more enjoyable than those two with their story developments.

> we will get Abomination vs Abomb
That would be welcome. What we don't need is the opening implication/tropes (even though the monitor files could be just speculation) that the likes of Gremlin, Bi-Beast, are suddenly still alive - without explanation. A nod to the current Red Leader status would have been reader friendly too. Also the thing missing was supertext or flashback panels to better expose how this stage was set with time passed since last issue to appreciate Banner's 'new world'. Hill's passing comment that SHIELD arranged this "a few weeks" ago and the comparitively bad call that maybe 3/4 of the town are left oblivious and endangered just didn't cut it for me.

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