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Subj: Re: What Was The Problem With The Paul Jenkins Run, Or The Professor?
Posted: Sat Jul 29, 2017 at 09:28:05 am CDT (Viewed 260 times)
Reply Subj: What Was The Problem With The Paul Jenkins Run, Or The Professor?
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I'm sure that I won't like it as much today (Probably because I read a ton of Jenkin's work, and a lot of it reads the same.), but I was reading the Paul Jenkins Hulk run when it came out (I read pretty much EVERYTHING back then!), and I liked it quite a bit (At least the first year or so.). The art by Ron Garney sure didn't hurt either, and I thought that General Ryker was actually a decent villain (Who has been used at least once since, hasn't he?).
But I remember reading that PAD had some problems with it, especially all of the Professor stuff that Paul did. What exactly did people have problems with? Did Jenkins retcon anything? I also thought that the Devil Hulk was pretty cool as well. And The Abomination fight in Hulk #25 was one of my all-time favorites, and just might be THE best ABomb story.

I, personally, hated the retcon of the Merged Hulk being a separate personality. Giving Banner a "devil" side along with hundreds of other personalities ( clown Hulk?) just added needless complications to the character. Specifically naming the Gray Hulk "Joe Fixit" was more annoying than anything.

But probably the worst thing was that Jenkins started off so strong (retcon not withstanding) and then seemed to lose interest in the series. IIRC, Jenkins was involved in other projects at the time - leaving another writer to finish up his run. I think sales suffered as a result of Jenkins indifference, thus leading to Marvel giving the series to Alonso and Jones.