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Subj: Re: What Was The Problem With The Paul Jenkins Run, Or The Professor?
Posted: Mon Jul 31, 2017 at 02:48:36 pm EDT (Viewed 330 times)
Reply Subj: What Was The Problem With The Paul Jenkins Run, Or The Professor?
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I'm sure that I won't like it as much today (Probably because I read a ton of Jenkin's work, and a lot of it reads the same.), but I was reading the Paul Jenkins Hulk run when it came out (I read pretty much EVERYTHING back then!), and I liked it quite a bit (At least the first year or so.). The art by Ron Garney sure didn't hurt either, and I thought that General Ryker was actually a decent villain (Who has been used at least once since, hasn't he?).
But I remember reading that PAD had some problems with it, especially all of the Professor stuff that Paul did. What exactly did people have problems with? Did Jenkins retcon anything? I also thought that the Devil Hulk was pretty cool as well. And The Abomination fight in Hulk #25 was one of my all-time favorites, and just might be THE best ABomb story.

I was planning on staying away from this post, as I've complained about Paul Jenkins' run on the Hulk many times over the years. Also, pretty much all my concerns have been voiced by others below. I have to first state that I am one that believes in giving a writer free reign to express their vision of a character, however that should never be at the expence or neglect of the characters history. Any new added ideas or directions must organically flow and fit within the history and scope of the character. With that said, Paul Jenkins failed to deliver.

Not all his ideas were entirely bad, but his follow through and lack of vision caused his run to suffer. Whether one liked or agreed with Peter David's Hulk run, what one can not do is claim that Peter David haphazardly wrote anything to his whim. I'm not a big Merged Hulk fan (the Professor Hulk is not the Merged Hulk that PAD wrote) but what lead to his creation made logical sense comic book wise. Peter David explored and fleshed out the Hulk in a way that no one before had. Bill Mantlo was actually exploring just who and what both Banner and Hulk were, but never took it to where Peter David did. It was a thought provoking 12 year run that was reduced to a memory with a few issues that lacked any real exposition. 12 years of excellent Hulk lore was destroyed in a few panels.

I gave Paul Jenkins the chance to impress me as I do all new writers. I even played the Paul Jenkins 'Make a new Hulk Personality Game'. He introduced the Devil Hulk and never really got to the core of why Banner had that “evil” in him. All those other thousands of Hulks in Banner were introduced for seemingly no reason at all. None played a roll in Jenkins’ run except the Devil Hulk and that was minimal. Some of the Hulks were even ridiculous and did not fit into the history of Hulk lore. Caterpillar Hulk?!? Why would Banner turn into a Caterpillar Hulk?!?

With that said not eveything about his run was bad. I loved his Gray Hulk issue. He at least understood the Hulk is in part Banner's "inner self defense mechanism externalized", something that Bill Mantlo suggested. I liked the idea of General Ryker, who I think can be used effectively if they go back to the core history that Jenkins used to set him up.

All in all I think the lack of knowledge, history and care for the Hulk, caused his run to fail!

Note - I mostly blame the editors for lack of character consistency.

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