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Subj: Re: Thor Ragnarok Comments (w Spoilers)
Posted: Fri Nov 03, 2017 at 02:10:30 pm EDT (Viewed 470 times)
Reply Subj: Thor Ragnarok Comments (w Spoilers)
Posted: Fri Nov 03, 2017 at 01:45:22 pm EDT (Viewed 586 times)

    I went and saw Thor Ragnarok this morning, the first film I have seen in the theater since Captain America: Civil War a year and a half ago. These days I mainly wait for films to come out on TV on demand a few months later, but I made an exception this time only because Jade Jaws was in it. I don't dislike Thor, but Banner/Hulk is always been far and away my fav Marvel character.


    1) The film didn't quite match the hype and the Thor-Hulk fight was way too short. Some fans had stated after seeing this they got the sense that the fight would have gone on for hours had the Grandmaster not interfered, The Hulk got up from two lightning shots (the first unexpected) and I would have liked to have seen some indication that the Hulk was starting to get angrier. I am admittedly biased, but no one is taking down the Hulk in a long Slugfest. Loki's reaction to Hulk smashing Thor they way he was Smashed in The Avengers was hilarious.

Really? I thought it was pretty good and that the fight was the right length.

I disagree a bit with the back and forth here. Hulk looked more dazed and beat up in this fight than we have seen him in any other fight. Usually he ignored things but he was slow to get up.

He did take the lighting shots but looked shaken after it. After the second one Hulk was slower to get up and Thor was coming at him smiling. I am not sure it was clear that Hulk was going to win. If anything momentum swung heavily to Thor there.

I do not know that Thor would have won, but Grandmaster and the crowd both that it was very possible for their unbeatable champion to fall.

Thor looked pretty good too. He took a fair beating at times in the fight and popped back up. He even took a Hulk pummeling with minimal damage.

Thor took the rag dolling in stride though.

    2) I guess sense Hulk did not turn back to Banner for more that two years indicates the Hulk can sleep without changing back.


    3) Why did Thor wake up in Hulk's quarters? Did the Hulk have him taken there? otherwise I would think Thor would have been returned to the same area as the other contenders. Some line or scene was needed there.

It is not clear, this is a bit of a hole in the plot. Hulk would make sense. As GM would be happier if he had died I think.

    4) The Hulk's fight with Fenris Wolf was also way too short. Not enough Hulk action. In
    Age of Ultron, there was reportedly a terrific Hulk smash scene removed from the final cut because director Josh Whedon deemed it too good and wanted it saved for a later film. As a result in the final fight in Ultron there was way too much time passing during which the Hulk is fighting that we don't even see him, not even a quick two-second cut in between everything else that is going on. Did that happen again here? Enough!

I did think that Hulk got lost in AoU. That said, Hulk was not the main character here. We saw him having a pretty big battle with the wolf. And it seemed like quite the battle. It stopped when the wolf fell off the edge. Floating into space.

Really, Hulk got beat up more in this movie than any other but he was dealing with things he never has fought before. God level threats and fights can hurt Hulk. Really, I would argue that Thor alone has shown the ability to at least rattle and hurt Hulk better than even Hulk Buster IM. Even if the later was more of a spectacle with buildings and the like. Hulk just smiled in there. Against Thor or this sort of threat he looked rattled and was slow to rise a few times.

    5) Thor calls Hulk a Moron for attacking Surtur. When did anyone communicate this part of the plan to Banner or Hulk?

No, but I doubt Hulk would have listened either. He was off fighting I think. Hulk also did not check in. He just sort of went out there.

Either way, Thor overreacted. Hulk was no match for Surtur.

    6) I get this sense that we will be seeing more Banner and Natasha in the upcoming Avenger films

Probably, but given how loaded the film will likely be it is too bad we do not get a stand alone movie to cover some of that.

    7) In the trailers, you see Hulk, Thor, Valkyrie and Loki standing together - all four of them - on the bridge, but that never happened in the cut I saw. When Loki arrived on the bridge, Hulk was fighting Fenris Wolf in the water. Was that shot never intended for the film?

I think it was just a publicity thing. Just like they fixed Thor's eye in the trailers but it is lost in the movie itself.

Just think they inserted Hulk and called it a day. It looked cool. I got a chuckle with Banner smashing into the bridge though. Him slamming the Fenris wolf around was pretty cool.

    8) It was stated (but not seen) that the Hulk had killed

Yup, probably multiple times, but Korg mentions one specifically.

    9) I would have liked s Hulk scene with Korg and Meik, his Warbound teammate from the comics. Otherwise, I don't see the point in them being there,

They were to help out with various plot points. They served a point. Just not with Hulk.

Hulk was honestly more of the role of Silver Surfer than he was of hulk if we go by PH.

    Overall, I am glad I went and saw it and that the Hulk is finally talking (about f****ing time) but there wasn't enough of him.

I was a little surprised he was not in it more, but the director did say this was a Thor movie. And also that he prefers Thor films in particular. So, he was going to be downplayed a bit.

    Yes, I know this was a Thor movie and not a Hulk movie but damnit, the Hulk was brought into this film to bring the Hulk fans in, Civil War was a Captain America film but Stark had a much bigger role than Hulk/Banner did here. I just wanted a little more of him, that's all.

He did, but I feel that the plot of CW was based around Rogers vs Stark. That was not the case here. Really, they did not even need to have Hulk in the film, but it worked out to make it a team up sort of thing.

Hulk could have been in it more but they were trying to switch between Banner and Hulk and give it that dynamic. I thought the Hulk and Thor relationship could have been a bit better. It was brother rivalry sort of thing for a bit, but I thought it could have been more friendly. That said, Hulk recognized Thor in the arena and gave no craps about fighting him. Thor did not want to.

It was pretty good, I very much enjoyed the movie.

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