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Subj: Re: Thor Ragnarok Comments (w Spoilers)
Posted: Tue Nov 07, 2017 at 09:05:22 pm CST (Viewed 185 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Thor Ragnarok Comments (w Spoilers)
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    No Stan did not write hundreds of issues. If you read the link on the history of the Kirby/Lee fued, he rarely gave a thin outline at best and that was not just Jack's account on how Marvel was run in the early days.

Except you're missing that Stan wrote all the narration and dialogue! Stan gave Jack and other artists the plot or premise of the story and then they gave him back the art to which he attached all the dialogue. So yes, the artist designed the action of the story the way they wanted to based on the outline Stan gave, but Stan still wrote hundreds of issues. If you want to qualify it as co-writing it, it makes no difference. He still wrote hundreds of issues, which is still a lot more than some CBR writer or yourself.

    All the people you quote are more talented than Stan in artistic sense, his contributions had to do with the business and editorial side.

No, Rob Liefeld is not more talented than Stan in any way, shape, or form. Like I said, you have no credibility now.

    I used one example with the "We Have A Hulk" comment, the MCU is littered with numerous examples of the Hulk being stronger.

But that's the best you could come up with.

    Loki was aware the beast(Hulk) was the most potent thing they had at their disposal for extricating themselves fron the planet but neiether Thor or Banner were willing to go there.

That's about as vague a statement as you could come up with that says nothing.

    If you want to take Stan's version of history over Jack Kirby's that your choice, I know where mine lays. In any event, using Stan's outdated opinion of characters that when he was the E-I-C stalemated ala Avengers #3 or Defenders #10 and ignore the next 40+ years, again that is your choice to make.

Again, Thor and Hulk have largely stalemated each other in the last 40+ years.

    Stan may have created Marvel Comics by creating a cohevise company linking characters in a shared universe but it was Jack Kirby that actually created the characters and stories the company was built around.

You're still missing my point. Let's say Jack contributed just as much as Stan, even moreso. It doesn't matter because Stan's contribution was still enormous because he had the final say. As Editor-in-Chief, Stan was more powerful than any artist at Marvel and everything that was published, he could approve or have it changed. He wrote the narration and dialogue, which changes the interpretation of the images to whatever Stan wants. My whole point is simply that you or some random CBR writer have less authority as to what Marvel characters are capable of than Stan Lee, regardless of whether Jack Kirby contributed more or not. For the purposes of this debate, Jack Kirby is a red herring and irrelevant detail.