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Subj: Re: Justice League (spoilers) Superman regins while the Hulk falls.
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Reply Subj: Justice League (spoilers) Superman regins while the Hulk falls.
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As everyone knows I'm pro-Hulk and pro-Marvel. But I loved how Superman was portrayed in the new Justice League movie! Regardless of what you thought of the the movie itself, when Superman came back he kicked ass. He established himself as the top-dog and kicked the crap out of everyone... including Wonder Woman (which was refreshing). No assuming and no questions asked, he is the most powerful.

The Hulk has never shown to get madder and stronger in the Marvel movies and has been beaten up by the Abomination, in the incredible Hulk, Iron Man in Avengers 2 and by Thor in Ragnarok. Hardly, the strongest one there is. And it was even worst when he couldn't even beat Fenris (it was a waterfall) and Surtur (not even a moment of power).

He's a beat bag and NOT an accurate portrayal of my favorite hero.

Movie Superman>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> puny movie Hulk


Man, how wrong you are.

1) Abomination is supposed to be powerful enough to give Hulk a challenge. It's not like it's Marvel's fault that those who worked on the film didn't portray Hulk's power at the level they are in the Avengers films and Thor: Ragnarok.

2) Iron Man's Hulkbuster was getting torn up and mercilessly beaten by the Hulk, who was under the spell of the Scarlet Witch. After being driven through and having an entire 40 story skyscraper collapse on him, Hulk was still unscathed and was dazed from the spell being broken. He was practically calming down and reverting to Banner before the Hulkbuster administered a powerful sucker-punch out of nowhere. We don't even know if the blow knocked Hulk out or not. It just cut off to the them being on the Quinjet.

3) Hulk was dominant against Thor, taking everything the God of Thunder could dish out. Thor got more hits in, yes, but he was desparately trying to survive the fight. Every time Hulk landed a blow, Thor was sent across the arena. And at times when Hulk could have finished Thor off, he boasted and gloated to the cheering crowd.

The last two most powerful blows Thor administered, when given his lightning amp/Thor-Odin Force, still only managed to make Hulk angrier. He simply got back up immediately and shook them off. The fight could have went on endlessly between them, as both were more than capable of fighting onward if the Grandmaster not intervened. Hulk and Thor could have leveled the entire arena and possibly devastated the planet Sakaar itself if they continued their fight.

Hulk becoming angrier and thus stronger/powerful + Thor busting out the lightning/Thor/Odin-Force = massive destruction.

The fight was an inconclusive stalemate. That's all it was. And it's about time these Thor fanboys stop wanking it and themselves. Thor wasn't beating Hulk nor being dominant, it was pretty much a back-and-forth fight.

4) Hulk struck Fenris with such force that it's neck seemed to snap/break before it fell over the waterfall. And before then Hulk out-muscled the massive creature with ease.

5) And let's not forget, Hulk actually staggered a fully-powered Surtur, a being who towers over the mountains of Asgard and can destroy entire planets with his Twilight blade. Not even Hela could phase or stagger Surtur, and she was the film's most powerful villain. Yet with his first and single attack, the Hulk staggered a being who can destroy entire planets. That's an impressive.

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