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It is frustrating seeing Marvel not understand what and how Gamma Mutation works. Gamma rays don't equal a Hulk Creature.

If one has the x-factor to survive gamma poisoning, it's supposed to unleash a dark or in rare occasions, lighter deep seated subconscious view of themselves.

Egos in the editorial staff have destroyed a great facet of the Hulk's mythos.

He's... A Man-like MONSTER... an INCREDIBLE force! He's... ASTONISHING! That's why you don't comprehend him; and because of his...RAMPAGING, the Hater will not tolerate him SAVAGE, INDESTRUCTIBLE, nor him having an IMMORTAL lifespan!!! Watch out for that Burst of Gamma - the WORLD BREAKER!!!
Stan Lee - "The way I established the Hulk, the more he fought, the stronger he got...I assume at some point he'll get worn out, but NEVER the Hulk." Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine Oct 2006 issue -
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