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    Agree with you 100%! Plus if they had used the 'Thor:Ragnarok' Hulk's personality in it back then, that would have been a clear distinction from Ang lee's Hulk. Plus a 2 year stuck as Hulk in 'Thor: Ragnarnok' coulda given us a fully devoloped Gravage Hulk moving forward.

    Btw,08 Hulk gets smoked by Iron Man if shown THOSE power levels for both. I don't get why they thought such a weak Hulk was warranted. He strugged to lift a jeep and jumped round 30ft tops.

I think they were still feeling out the power levels for the characters. Besides, his destruction of the army vehicles in the college scene still showcased insane levels of strength, but it seemed that his durability (surviving the fall, the weapons fire, etc) seemed to be the bigger focus.

DC has a power level problem, and Marvel has done a really good job of preventing that (we all saw how ridiculously overpowered Superman was in the Justice League movie). Hulk and Thor have both stepped up in power levels as Marvel has brought in more and more characters that fill that "middle gap" between the big guns and the street level powers. Initially they would have been so OP if at full strength... Imagine the Thor/Hulk battle on Sakaar, but now on the Helicarrier. You'd have a bunch of dead humans. You can presume they were holding back, but more likely Marvel was still feeling out their power levels. Still making sure they had story concepts that didn't end up with Thor and Hulk being the answer to every problem the Avengers face. Plus the Hulk fights X hero is getting a bit old, though the Thor:Ragnarok version of why they fight is much better than the previous versions.

I understand but disagree with the feeling out of the power levels. If they wanted, they could show the true power levels. I thinks its done so the other characters are not overwhelmed. When I see characters that don't have any powers (Black Widow, Black Panther) hopping around like Spiderman, I get aggravated. But I am also aggravated when low-end characters, like Captain America, are shown like they are almost Hulk/Thor level.