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      I'm trashing SirPoetTree's insane theory on the Hulk powerset of being essentially immortal.


    Even though that's what continuity has essentially depicted him to be?

*sigh* He, Thor, Superman and ALL OTHER heroes who have actually died are NOT going to stay dead. The companies NEED these heroes to stay around eventually. It's the nature of the damn game. It's called PIS. This was explained to you in another thread. That's more the correct answer as opposed to your insane theory of the Hulk's powerset.

    And now Marvel is releasing a series called 'The Immortal Hulk', yet supposedly my theory is "insane."

Are you serious?? That's your comeback??? Really??

So I guess Danny Rand is immortal as well since that was his title, eh? And Iron Man is actually invincible, right? Etc, etc.

Dude, you crack me up....

...dominated Odinson and his daddy at the same time. Next month your boy is gonna get shown up by Jane. You guys over there should worry about your own problems. And you should stop being a troll over here.

“This world is a maze of money and power. In which human beings lose themselves. They live their lives in the Labyrinth... ...and I am The Minotaur.”—Immortal Hulk #26