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Subj: Fan-Troll Smackdown #3,579 --so close to the record
Posted: Wed Feb 21, 2018 at 06:40:01 pm EST (Viewed 294 times)
Reply Subj: Re: LOL! At least we're not the fanboys that believe in conspiracy theories about Marvel..
Posted: Wed Feb 21, 2018 at 11:20:39 am EST (Viewed 287 times)

    *sigh* He, Thor, Superman and ALL OTHER heroes who have actually died are NOT going to stay dead. The companies NEED these heroes to stay around eventually. It's the nature of the damn game. It's called PIS. This was explained to you in another thread. That's more the correct answer as opposed to your insane theory of the Hulk's powerset.

To be honest, your argument is so childish & rudimentary, it's almost not worth responding to. However, you're the type of troll who would only take that as some kind of victory & perhaps encourage you to produce this same kind of smarminess in the future. So I've decided to disabuse you of that notion instead. You're welcome.

What you're doing here, your counterargument --your scare-crow-- has nothing to do with the post that I made, is of an entirely other context, doesn't refute one iota of my premise, and to rephrase John Byrne, "You're breaking the 4th Wall."

Do you know what that is?

It's when you fracture from the continuity of the comic book, in which we imagine a relative universe is existing; the "Marvel" Universe, for instance. That universe has rules and structure and relationship to itself. The fantasy realm these characters dwell in, and with a particular form, is like a pocket universe in which our imaginations live.

When discussing or debating the characters of that universe, many whom have had decades now of establishment, we consider the relative truth of "who they are" in our discourse about that. Otherwise, nothing has meaning, nothing is relevant, and we might as well be better off standing around & slapping one another in the face.

Without continuity and the fictional substance of these characters, what are we even talking about here??

You're breaking the 4th Wall in that you're arguing from outside the comic universe into the unlimited possibilities that could potentially, hypothetically occur in the minds of any creative team now and unto the infinite future; ergo the Hulk's power to resist death is not special ~


Really? That's your comeback??

Of course, sir, any writer or editor can, would, will, and has chosen to kill and/or then resurrect any given character XYZ on whatever-whatever day of the week, 1900s & on. That is, at best, an obtuse argument based on the point I was making, which had exclusively to do with how Hulk's established power-set to resist or literally overcome death compares to other mainstream superheroes.

Do you see how your argument has nothing and contributes nothing to that discussion?

Let me give you an example of your argument, and tell me how it plays while looking at it from the other side:

You decide to make a post about how Superman's innate ability to be empowered by solar energy is unique amongst his peers, and not only that, while on Earth he's almost always assured to be near the presence of its yellow sun & therefore has an advantage in battle against nearly any other earthly superhuman. #Discuss

And I then come along in reply like this:

    Ha ha dude! You crack me up! Superman fans are frickin' cRAzY!

    Everyone knows that any writer, on any day, could write a story about any-ONE becoming empowered by solar radiation. They could have Spider-Man suddenly grow strong from the sun. They could give Spider-Man sun powers tomorrow, or any other time. They might change the name of the comic to 'Sun Spider'! HA HA

    So this iNSaNe theory you have about Superman having some sort of advantage when he's around the sun is OFF. Its. rockers.

    Heh! This place is always good for a laugh.

More or less, that's just about exactly how you & your argument come off.

Lame, right?

Yes, the Marvel editorial and/or writing staff could decide to kill & resurrect any character that they wish. The Hulk is not special on that front. Yet that is, not at all, what my argument was. So you prancing around this place like a drunken peacock, declaring your superiority whilst making decontextualized arguments that only demonstrate how little you were paying attention when you sort-of read it, would be more embarrassing to a person with greater powers of self-reflection than you presently possess. But I imagine you're about 12, so you've got time. ;\-\)

The 'character' of the Hulk does, indeed, possess a unique & narratively established power to resist, return from, or otherwise overcome the force of death. One might say he's stronger than it --and this is not a "power" that many (any?) mainstream comic characters share with him. I gave copious and canon examples, explanations, and feats that clearly demonstrate this.

If you were going to form a cogent rebuttal to the point you seem to be trying to muster, it would be your task to provide 'other' examples from continuity regarding other characters' established power to resist death --to prove your suggestion that this ability is not unique to the Hulk; and good luck with that.

Thus far, all you've given us is decontextualized cackling.

    Are you serious?? That's your comeback??? Really??

    So I guess Danny Rand is immortal as well since that was his title, eh? And Iron Man is actually invincible, right? Etc, etc.

    Dude, you crack me up....

Aaah, yes, well, at least you have a beautiful laugh...

I think you missed my point with that reference. My 'original' post on this subject is what ostensibly proves my premise. The fact that Marvel is releasing 'The IMMORTAL Hulk' is really just the cherry on top of the rest of the argument. Both with the title, with the line from the teaser page: "He won't die. Oh, God, what if... what if he can't?!" --not to mention the 53 years of continuity prior to this story that set the narrative stage for its portrayal.

--which is what I detailed in my original post.

You can break the 4th Wall all you want, but it will only ostracize you from the conversation.

I'm out here playing football, and you're trying to hit home-runs.

Get in my stadium & we can talk. Otherwise, make your own thread.


Sir PoetTree ~
First Knight, Church of Hulk

"And when his anger is incalculable, the Hulk is simply the strongest one there is." --Greg Pak
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