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      This scares me.
      I'm getting slight a Bruce Jones vibe here with the Horror / no cast / wandering Banner focus.

    While Bruce Jones had a similar horror origin as a writer, he had little to no Hulk knowledge. He was specifically hired for that purpose and to try and predict what the Ang Lee film would be like.

    It was a fairly popular take, especially since the TV show had many fans, but as we know editorial (read: Axel) wanted to milk it dry. Storylines were interrupted and in some cases extended to make more TPBs. In many ways it was like the TV show LOST, it became popular and they tried to drag it out.

    Ewing is a long term Hulk fan who's work is entrenched in continuity and trying to explain things. So I have hope for that reason. As long as editorial keeps away it'll be fine. Once we get mandated crossovers and storylines altered, then you can panic \:\)

    It sounds like Ewing pitched a long term plan to them and editorial is on board. Especially since no one seems to know what to do with the character anymore.

Correct! This looks pretty unique, but, at the same time, it's like a love letter ti the character. Awing loves Hulk, has a big knowledge of his lore, and, also, has big plans!

Jones didn't even want to write the character, and only sleepwalked on the title...

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