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Zelandoni, I don't think that we would get the classic 1970's Savage Hulk again What I am interpreting from the Ewing and Bennett interview as well as the latest comments here is that we'll get a Hulk from The Incredible Hulk Vol.1 #2 (July 1962). A dark and monstrous Hulk who is out at night and has anti-social personality.
He will have the Gravage's drive to be a hero (The Mighty Avengers Vol.1 #1 (1963). I think the book will have the feel of what Stan Lee had in the middle of the second issue - horror.

Remember when the Hulk kidnapped Betty and took her to Banner's cabin where the Hulk scares Betty with his utter hatred of men? Imagine that in the new book.

Thanks SavageJay!
That would be awesome. I really hope it turns out that way.
I love Gravage Hulk, I think everybody does. Even a Gravage-like Hulk would be great in this book.
The Savage Hulk was cool when I was a kid, in the early 80's but I think he doesn't really fit in this time anymore. And like so many people said on this board, modern writers don't really seem to get him.