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Subj: Re: Immortal Hulk 0 and 37.
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Reply Subj: Immortal Hulk 0 and 37.
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Immortal Hulk 0 (Ewing’s 8 pages of framing sequence).

First 2 pages take place before 312 reprint. Shows Brian Banner at a gravesite. Digs up Glow by his wife’s headstone.

Next 2 pages are before the Minus 1 reprint. Brian crushes Glow in his hands after blaming Bruce (who isnt present) for wife’s death. And “Stan Lee” gravedigger shows up.

Final 4 pages, Brian remebers he’s dead. “Stan Lee” is revealed to be Sam Sterns who then changes into his Leader form. Brian is being killed by him in the same way Brian killed Rebecca. A fate he will seem to have to repeat for the rest of eternity.

Immortal Hulk 37-Leader is controlling 3 beings. I will put quotes around the characters real names when indicating Leader is in control.

The First (literally) one he controls is “Del Frye”. “Frye” attacks Samson and kills him. Samson is in the Below-Place where he sees The Leader there communicating/controlling Green Doors and 3 beings. Leader reveals he has turned Samson’s Green Door Red. Which means that Samson cannot return to life while its Red. While it lets us the reader know that Hulk/Bruce could be in real trouble if they get killed and Leader turns their door Red.

Hulk fights Gamma Creel. And Titania figures out something is up with “Rick”. “Rick” gets translocated away from the battlefield by an unsuspecting McGowan. Puck takes aim at Savage Hulk with an extremely powerful gun. Puck shoots thru Hulk’s hand, chest and head. Killing him instantly. In the mindscape we see a “dead” or out Savage Hulk. Leaning over him is The Green Scar. Who is shown to be the third being Leader is controlling. Which may have surprised some but not this astute reader! Lol. Thanks Joe Bennett IG page for the preview art months back.

All in all, this was one of the best days reading new Hulk comics! The art in both issues were just tremendous. Matt’s painterly style was just spectacular. I actually like his painted Hulk more than Alex Ross’. Was just his Hulk on the cover unfortunately. But you can tell he has a great version.

So it seems that the Leader is slowly taking over Bruce's minds one at a time. Perhaps this could lead to an integration of Bruce's personas? However would that be a good thing or would the Maestro be born?

Leader also seems to think that Samson is a threat of some kind given that he kills Samson then changes Samson's door to red to block him from returning for awhile.

As to issue was nice to see the reprints, but overall it just showed how the Leader has taken over Brian Banner. Didn't feel all that necessary.