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Subj: Re: The 2 Timelines in Immortal Hulk.
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Reply Subj: Re: The 2 Timelines in Immortal Hulk.
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    Issue 25 showed knowledge from 10 billion years into the Future being sent back and attained by The Leader. So The Future-Knowledged (F-K) Leader is THE touchstone and where the first timeline diverges. We know from issue 34 that this F-K Leader appears shortly after Brian failed in issue 13. And we now know from issue 0 that a 4th being Leader controlled was in fact Brian. And “Brian’s” dialogue from issue 0 lines up perfectly to when he welcomed Bruce “home” in issue 20. So issue 20 is the first time F-K Leader affected what we were reading. So I mark the timeline divergent there.

    Timeline 1-
    Issues 1-19. End of All Things in issues 20 and 24. And issue 25. The current timeline stories that occured after issue 19, we did not see. Basically from issue 19 to the next 2 billion years. When TOBA/Hulk mentions he killed Franklin 2 billion years ago.

    Timeline 2-
    Issues 1-50 OR 20-50 (1-19 is same for BOTH timelines so doesnt really matter which one you pick for this period. You do have to Minus out the End of All Things in issues 20 and 24 and issue 25 from this timeline tho. We are reading Timeline 2 exclusively from the point F-K Leader diverged it is my basic point. Which is issue 20 (so far). Ewing may show him going further back so I then would need to adjust it.

Good theories. To add:

1) He can access the Green Door freely. When was he able to do this is the question. This leads to the next point.

2) It is interesting to note that Leader apparently has control over time based on his dialogue with Frye in the current issue ("Should I wait until we loop around again?").

3) Related to the previous points, Leader might have been the one responsible for the deaths of Jailbait and Hotshot. He had mentioned wanting to have specimens for his research. The "smile" he gave Samson reminded me how Jailbait was found in IH #3--her head twisted with a smile.

4) Joe is going to play a key role in all of this. Banner has not permitted him to be a Hulk (something else which needs to be explained). He is perhaps the most unpredictable of them all.

Ehh.. I doubt he's got any time control. After all, if he did why wouldn't be go back further?

The text says Del is trapped in a memory.. so he's reliving his death over and over.. he's not dead, but he's not quite alive either. So in a way he's dying over and over. The radiation is killing him but the scientists are keeping him alive. The last thing he remembered was dying, so it makes sense, at least to me.

Or to put it another way, look at what Sterns does to Brian in #0.. he has him reliving Rebecca's murder over and over. So if you want to think of Del as being trapped in Hell reliving his death, that's as far as you have to think.

Also, as far as the 4th being.. Brian's not a gamma creature, as so far everyone he's controlled has been a gamma creature. Brian was just a skin he was wearing. I think the 4th is going to be revealed to be Sasquatch, who will be returning in an upcoming issue, and is a gamma creature, and long teased "Why did he resurrect like all the others?" It answers a lot of things, especially since the Red Door twist sets it up.

As far as Jailbait and Hotshot, absolutely. Here's what I wrote back in March -- "From issue 3, we have the Leader's creations from Middletown return from obscurity. Seems obvious the Leader would punish those who failed him."

Anyways, some more stuff..

Issue #9 - "It's wearing the face of Banner's father.. [..] We need to get it out of us" leads me to think it's Sterns back then, not Brian returning. But that might be more fuel for the time control angle, too.

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