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Subj: Re: Immortal Hulk #46
Posted: Wed May 12, 2021 at 09:51:25 pm EDT (Viewed 109 times)
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Another great issue by the team.

What Hulk did to ironclad was even more brutal than I expected,and with physical strength alone. Vector was terrified. LOL.

Joe is written so well here, and the jerk-vengers picked a figth that should not have happened. Joe mocking " the king of gods" was priceless.

The jerk-vengers are in for a treat next issue. O\:\-\)

Yeah I like this. It is the Joe-grey persona but he is powered up to what appears to be green hulk levels instead of joe having his usual grey power base.

The U-foes have fought classic aka Savage hulk and banner-hulk but I have no recollection of them ever facing Joe Fixit Hulk.

Joe is the Hulk that few have faced and none are ready for a Hulk that enjoys giving what he gets and who has no problem inflicting some serious injuries on his enemies, but not enough to kill them. Joe definitely delights in seeing his enemies in pain. Savage and Banner do not.

Devil Hulk however is the one that WILL kill, hence why Banner kept him locked up for so long. Not long after finally being released, Devil die kill and we saw that when Banner was a kid, Devil was wanting out so that he could kill Banners dad.

I hope that Devil doesn't return or is so weakened that he is easily caged up in Banner again,