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Subj: Re: Al Ewing's run ultimately made me realize how much I miss Greg Pak.
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      lthough much of what you state in the comics is true, the fact of the matter is that in reality Gamma Waves are the highest and most powerful form of energy known to man. All other cosmic i.e. magnetic spectrum energies are less in output. Maybe this is why in comics Stan Lee's and Jack Kirby's Hulk had unlimited strength potential while that is not said of any cosmic powered beings. Subsequently She-Hulk, Hotshot and Sasquatch have been said in comic to have the unlimited gammafied power potential.

    I don't think how human science arbitrarily coins certain types of interstellar radiation as "cosmic rays" should necessarily dictate what the larger universe refers to as cosmic energy or rays.   
    Again, even the astral plane and hyperspace fall under the cosmic realm in the Marvel Universe.  

    Hess named those rays "cosmic" because the preexisting word cosmic meant universal, basically highlighting they were not of earthly origin.  
    Scientists initially thought atmospheric electricity was caused by earth-sourced radatioactivity as opposed to interstellar sources.   
    That's why Hess names his rays "cosmic", to highlight their unearthly origin.     

    In the MU there are examples of higher dimensional, metaphysical beings older than time running around who almost universally utilize cosmic energy (not Hess' cosmic rays mind you).
    They can all utilize gamma energy under their larger umbrella of energy manipulation, they can all boost their strength to "infinite" levels (See Eternity, Living Tribunal, Galactus, Celestials, etc.).  

Cosmic rays are particles, while gamma is a wave that functions different from a physical thing. We know that waves uninhabited will continuously pick up momentum to no end.

As far as the Higher beings in the MU, I'm sure most of them, though termed cosmic, use other forms of energy as well including mystical. Although beings like FF, Captain Marvel and the U-Foes are powered by cosmic, and Silver Surfer channels it, they differ from those Higher entity forms like Eternity, Stranger and the Watchers.

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