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Subj: Re: Al Ewing's run ultimately made me realize how much I miss Greg Pak.
Posted: Sun Nov 28, 2021 at 09:55:44 am EST (Viewed 150 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Al Ewing's run ultimately made me realize how much I miss Greg Pak.
Posted: Wed Nov 24, 2021 at 03:10:13 pm EST (Viewed 172 times)

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        How do you mean?


        Although Al Ewing's story reads well; as far as storytelling goes; there were many changes made to the character that I felt were forced. To name a few... The entire green door idea didn't play out smoothly, suggesting it was always there didn't sit well with me. Hulk being an avatar for the One Below All aka the One Above All's lower evil self, also was forced and came out of nowhere. Al Ewing destroyed the 'Angelic' mythos surrounding Rebecca Banner by turning her into that whining neighbor chick from the Sopranos. Gamma stemming from pretty much Hell, when it is a force that permeates the entire universe makes no sense to me. Devil Hulk (an incarnation of evil) leading the "noble" fray doesn't work for me. Cosmic Ray's trumping gamma waves isn't scientifically sound, when in fact gamma waves are the most powerful energy in the electromagnetic spectrum known to us. The ending to this story seemed rushed. But my biggest PEEVE is that all things termed Hulk, are now forever linked to cannibalism in the MU proper. These are just a few concerns.

    Comic energy/rays in the MU have almost always been depicted as the lifeblood of the universe and even intrinsically tied with the astral plane.  

    Cosmic is used more in the sense of "universal" rather than "high-energy protons and atomic nuclei that move through space at nearly the speed of light" discovered and coined "cosmic rays" by Victor Hess in 1912.  

    Cosmic powers in Marvel have almost always granted mastery over all natural forms of energy (including gamma) along with the fundamental forces.  
    I would assume that's the angle Ewing took which would be consistent with Marvel's usage of "cosmic" since the Silver Age.  

Although much of what you state in the comics is true, the fact of the matter is that in reality Gamma Waves are the highest and most powerful form of energy known to man. All other cosmic i.e. magnetic spectrum energies are less in output. Maybe this is why in comics Stan Lee's and Jack Kirby's Hulk has UNLIMITED strength potential while that is not said of any cosmic powered beings. Subsequently She-Hulk, Hotshot and Sasquatch have been said, in comic, to have the unlimited gammafied power potential. My point... what's being written in comics about cosmic trumping gamma, is not scientifically sound.

However, you have hit the nail in the head , we are not talking about reality but comics which as we all know relate very little to reality as we know it.

Right from the Silver age the cosmic powers have always been shown to be way beyond any other form of energy or power. Just look at how easy Silver Surfer took care of the Hulk in their first meeting.

Indeed as Stan himself pointed out on more than one occasion he invented Thor to be more powerful than the Hulk and indeed initially was more powerful even than Silver Surfer, just look at very first clash in Silver Surfer 4.

What Stan & Jack intended is massively important as it was their characters and they knew what they wanted. Sadly modern Marvel writers/editors have no respect for tradition or history of characters.

For the record, the Savage Hulk of the 60's early 70's is still my favourite version and will always be the true Hulk to me.

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