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Subj: Re: Al Ewing's run ultimately made me realize how much I miss Greg Pak.
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Reply Subj: Re: Al Ewing's run ultimately made me realize how much I miss Greg Pak.
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    As I've mentioned a few times in my posts to Immodicus, that the science in Marvel Comics is based on real world terminology. Even though effects to characters are dramatically fictionalized at times.

The Power Cosmic really has nothing to do with cosmic rays.  
The "cosmic" part of Power Cosmic is using the classical definition of cosmic:  


characterized by greatness especially in extent, intensity, or comprehensivenesscosmic thinker
a book of cosmic significance
***The Power Cosmic***   

Again this IS "real world" terminology and it predates the discovery of cosmic rays by centuries/millennia. 

    But Gamma is such a superior force, that Stan Lee himself said it gives Hulk an unlimited strength potential. He did not say this about cosmic beings. Silver Surfer had to once absorb Hulk's gamma radiation in order to escape Galactus' barrier he used to imprison Surfer on earth. He didn't look for another cosmic being, he looked for Hulk because he possesses the Superior power. Case closed!

Stan Lee named Galactus the most powerful living being in the Marvel Universe -- a universe in which he knew full well the Hulk lived in.  
Odin, Galactus, Celestials, etc. have all been called omnipotent and omniscient by Stan Lee as the narrator.   
The language surrounding Hulk isn't especially unique in flowery Silver Age verbiage.  

The Surfer stealing Hulk's power in Hulk #250 in no way implies Hulk was more powerful than the Surfer or that the Hulk was somehow the most powerful option out there.

You asked why didn't the Surfer seek out a cosmic being?    
What cosmic beings are earth residents like Hulk?  
What cosmic beings could Surfer subdue and absorb their power for his own? 

For instance Surfer would have a MUCH more difficult time overpowering and stealing the Stranger's power even IF Stranger happened to randomly show up on earth for the story.   

The truth is that Surfer was trying to break through a barrier that was established by Galactus specifically to trap the Surfer -- and only the Surfer -- on earth.   

All Surfer really needed to do was exceed his "design" parameters as Galactus established them to beat the barrier.    

So Hulk #250 showed Surfer with Hulk's gamma powers stacked with his Power Cosmic could do something that Surfer on his own could not.   Not exactly a shocking revelation.  

In my opinion the more interesting aspect to Hulk #250 as it relates to THIS discussion is that it showed that the Surfer's Power Cosmic gives him mastery over gamma radiation (not just cosmic rays) driving home the point that "cosmic" is not referring to just cosmic rays in Marvel.  

The Surfer himself even sort of draws a distinction in Hulk #250:

Surfer, "The barrier still stands, mocking me with the sight of the unattainable stars beyond!  Yet all else passes through unhindered!  Meteorites!  The flotsam and jetsom of space!  Even mankind routinely traverses the barrier!"  

Narrator --  With eyes possessed of supra-normal sight, the Surfer sees...

Surfer, "Light rays!  Energy rays of every magnitude!  All these traverse the barrier!  Ultraviolet rays!  X-rays!  Cosmic rays!  Gamma rays!"  

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