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      After the fourth reading, I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed the story and new direction. Cates has me more interested in the character than I've been in a while. Ryan Ottley's art adds a nice touch. A little cartoony at times, but his Hulk looks powerful and explodes off the page. His Hulk is as dynamic looking as Sal Buscema's.


        Question - Anyone else think that since gamma is both science and magic; as stated in Al Ewing's run; Banner used his own gamma mind to create that palace in his head? I believe he is no longer being reactive, but proactive by learning how to use his gammafied body.


          Also, does everyone realize we were watching Banner-Hulk i.e. Banner in control of Hulk's body in that issue?

    I wouldn't base any theories for Cates run on previously established continuity.
    Cates pretty consistently shows a flagrant disregard for previously established canon and verisimilitude in general.

I'm not sure about that, but someone from another board posted this clip wherein Donny Cates says he hasn't erased anything from Al Ewing's run. So that kills your argument. He's only moved the story forward with a few in story character changes. Case Closed!!!

FYI - It was Peter David that first suggested Hulk had the "Air of the Mystic" surrounding him. Hulk and Impossible acts may be linked to alternate reality Hulk's and Puck's gamma statements.

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