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Subj: Re: Hulk #1 [edit]
Posted: Sat Dec 04, 2021 at 03:12:42 am EST (Viewed 182 times)
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    Let's try to keep this civil fellas. Everybody is entitled to his/her opinion.
    What Immodicus is describing, is exactly what Cates did with the Thor book. Some of the guys on the Thor Board like it, the majority is one step away from burning Cates at the stake.
    It's only logical he would try something similar with the Hulk book. And to be fair, it's a well established fact that Cates doesn't give a damn about continuity.
    That being said, I actually liked the first issue. Although I still think the idea of The Hulk as a spaceship is ridiculous.
    Banner split his psyche into three distinct parts. I'm curious to see which parts...

This is the most biased approach I've seen to solving a dispute.

Donny Cates has written more stories than just Thor. Are all his stories the same? For you to suggest that is good logic, is the height of ignorance. How tall are you?

What you call bias I call common sense. 

Thor is Cates's most recent storyline en he managed to succesfully screw that up. He's undoubtedly proud of it too. It's not unlikely he's gonna do the exact same thing with The Hulk.
Turning The Hulk into a car for Banner to drive is a pretty good start IMO.
With Cates, continuity is out the window from day one.

I really don't care if you (or anyone else for that matter) agree with me, so I'm not getting into an argument with you over this.